Question : Apps gone after upgrade to iOS 6 iPhone 4

2012-09-25 21:20:36



I just upgraded to iOS 6, and after the iPhone restarted, all my apps were gone. When I open App Store, it says 'open' instead of download on the apps I had. For instance, I had 'Pages' and when I 'open' it through App Store, it opens up the app with all of my saved documents. I don't understand how can I get all of those apps back to my phone... Need this ASAP..


Thanks a lot



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Answers : Apps gone after upgrade to iOS 6 iPhone 4

2012-09-20 01:17:02

Hi Edlund,


I have a 3GS and saw the same thing - apps not on the second screen as they were before iOS6


But then I scrolled to a THIRD screen and there they were - All apparently intact.


Hope this is the same on your 4S.



2012-09-20 01:17:02

to redownload previous apps go to:  App store > Updates > purchased

2012-09-20 01:17:02

Same thing here. I rebooted my iphone for like a thousand times and then I just scrolled to a third screen, they were all there! I don't know why I didn't think of that before. Or may be they weren't there they just came back after my 1000th reboot Apps gone after upgrade to iOS 6 iPhone 4

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