why does my email say the connection to the server failed

Models : iPhone 4
depois de redefir o meu iphone o aparelho liga pede email mais dis que senha ou id apple nao estao correto

email connection server failed

In the last few days I am getting "the connection to the server failed" happens on wi-fi and cell network

I forgot my security answers and i follow the instruction i put my email but the password was wrong! And i try to write the password again but you tell that the email was sent! I check my email i cant

I locked my iphone 5s and restored it but it won't fully restore until I enter my email but when I enter my email it says "taylor......@gmail.com cannot be used to unlock this iphone"...What would

i can no longer email pictures from my phone to myself or anyone but can text them. also i can't download updates or new apps. it will ask for my password but when i put it in, it doesn't acce

Hi, I have a bad situation here... My iPhone 5 got stuck in recovery mode after I tried to update to iOS 7.1.1 from 7.0.4 and it failed (error code 6). If this was my iPod touch I would just restore i

i forgot my phone passode so i used track my phone to restart as your instructions said and i am getting this problem when i try to activate it ; your phone could not be activated beacause the activat

I downloaded the 'Google Now' App and now whenever I try to phone someone in my contacts list a new email opens with a 'To' of their phone number. I have deleted the App but the p

Can anyone help with this I changed my email and the App Store still wants my old on

I updated my email on my phone today and now I need to do that for the iTunes store so I can update my apps.  does anyone know how to do that?

I stole my iphone, and they use the app to find my iphone but it says no connection, I should aser

Tried logging onto snapchat and it says could not connect please check your connection and try again

Please help me install my iphone OS update. Because it always say that i am no longer connected to the internet but my internet connection is good and i can easily download on apps store?

I recently changed my apple id, as i forgot my old log in, i've updated it everywhere on my iPhone, but when i go to try and download and update apps its still using my old email for my old ID and

phone was connected to Surface windows 8.1. Downloaded and removed some pictures. Surface was updating apple software and downloading icloud control. Was plugged in but not charging. Phone shutdown an

My iphone 4 wont connect to the mail server

Sir my finger id is not working. When i start it show failed and try again lator.my warranty also extends to november 2014. I m facing this problem from last two days before that it was working proper

I forgot my security answers for my apple ID ,and I can't purchase any application ,, i can't remember my alternate email address too ; what should i do ?? <Edited by Host>

i purchased a app and payment failed. now it keeps asking for account credit card details and keeps saying declining and wont even let me down load free applications

I reset my iPhone 5s yesterday because my fingerprint bottom is not working. It says that failed every time I was trying to put my print... Now that I reset my phone the fingerprint pass code do not a

Forgot my security answer and recovery emaill..got 10usd inside..

I answered yes to update my iPhone 5s, but now its Frozen on the image of iTunes and a cable connection. How can I stop this upgrade? I need my phone to work know...

When calling my wife via FaceTime it will ring through. She answers it says connecting then it says connection failed. Any thoughts. We do share an apple I'd. Might that be the problem.

I forgot my scurity questions and I went to the apple page to Change them and they said they have sent me a email but they never did please help

I forgot the answers to my security questions, how should i reset them because I am not getting the email to reset them?

Hi,I have two Iphone 5s phones, one connects to my windows 8.1 PC using a wireless hotspot, the other one will only connect using a USB cable.Both are new phones and both have the same latest IOS. I h

I attempted to install the latest software update to my iphone 4s and it failed. Now the phone is prompting me to restore through Itunes but when I do the request either times out or or gives an error

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