iPhone emoticons iso7

i cant fit my picture to my lock screen after i updated to iso7 and im actually really annoyed. I heard its just a glitch but is there anyway to fix it?

emoticons iso7

My contacts will not download / sync properly to my iphone. Outlook 2013 to iphone 5c iso7.0.6

Good evening  I updated to the new iso7.1 update last night and my battery is now rubbish and draining without me even hardly using it?????  Please can someone help and is anyone else having

Why is my wifi button on my Iphone 4S no longer working when I did the original I.S.O 7 udate a few months ago, I have been without wifi ever since and Vodafone my network provider says that Apple are

Hi Guys, I'm Patrick and I'm using an iphone 5. It's been a while that I'm struggling the get smileys( emoticons ) out of my whatsapp app, is there any one who can help me with th

Is there a fix for this problem or go back to previous version of software

cant find the panaramic setting on my iphone 4s after down loading latest iso 7 update can anyone help     thanks catmanfootball

Models : iPhone 3G
i can't send message

Hello Since i updated my Iphone 5, i have had problems first I could not send imessages, they changed the simc ard and it sorted that, but now it won't charge, so is completley useless. I really n

Blue tooth will not hook up to any device

how do i get rid of iso7 and have my old phone back or do i get rid of it and have a windows phone ????

does any one have the same problem of the iphone 5 freezing with iso 7

After installing iso7. iTunes, & 3 other apps will not work? I have uninstalled 3 other apps & restarted phone. No solution. Help?

hello i have downloaded iso7 update now i cant operate my phone correctly. phone typing , touch screen not working correctly. cant operate emails,messages. help

You need to quickly press the home button twice, this will show your open running apps, to close them, push them to the top of the screen

My home button stopped working. Have to use the on/off button to turn on device. Cannot switch between apps with home button.

Start like the old way. That brings up everything that running. Then slide the pic of the app up.

How do U close all running open apps. like we did before. so that it doesn't use up my battery power.

Hi just updated the new IOS7 on iPhone5 & some how I'm not getting a strong cellular network signal & call drops are also happening.......everything was ok before the update.....ap

Models : iPhone 4
How do you close program tiles to conserve battery?

My 4s wa showing update to iso7 so I updated and it kept failing now its not showing an update at all and saying my iPhone 4S is up todate on USO 6.1.3 help???

Is there any way to load in an emoticon menu (similar to how emoji works) but that contains ONLY universal emoticons that will properly show up on other's phones regardless of make/model/os, etc.,

Excuse me if I sound a really silly...but for a long time now I keep wondering, how can I use smileys/emoticons on my iPhone5 text messaging pallete. I have seen few people using it and always felt a

When using the emoticon keyboard, how can you get them to show up on other smartphones such as a droid?

how can we then send/receive emoticons to non iphone users since the built in emoji is not visible to others?

Do you know how to fix the emoticons abscense in the whatsapp iPhone version?Thank you very much in advance

How come people without iphone's can't see my emoticons?

Does anyone know how to activate emoticons? I have a 4s iphone.

Does anyone know if there is an app for using smiley faces (emoticons) to use for non AT&T iPhone using customers?
iOS 4

Basically, when I type something like lol, and hit Send, it will automatically be turned into a smiley face.
I dont have emoji enabled, I didnt install anything recently that would have done this,