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Models : iPhone 5C
i was trying to access websites that i was able to browse before then all of a sudden it gave me that error.

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Does iphone sync Outlook contact categories?

I lost all my contacts when trying to switch from outlook to windows contact. When i sync them, all my contacts were gone. Unfortunately i did not do any backup or had my iCloud on. Is there any way t

Hello everyone, I cannot figure this one out.  I have rules set up in outlook to sort mail into folders, but ios mail will not follow them.  The folder shows up in ios mail, but all the

how do i start recieving and sending emails for my outlook email account on my iphone 4s

outlook mail syncing

Last week my outlook calendar and iphone 5 won't sync. I used a cable before but started using the cloud. But now it won't sync. Can you got back to syncing with a cable after now using t

I am very disappointed in the way reminders that are synced from my work Outlook account, work on my phone with ios7.  It is not manageable to add items to a long existing reminder/task.  I&

Hello  I am confused as to how to transfer my blackberry contacts to my new iphone 5c? I have been trying for days and it keeps saving into outlook express? How do I save into Microsoft program a

COmo puedo actualizar en Microsoft Outlook los cambios realizados en los contactos en el iphone

Hi Guys, After upgrade to iOS 7 Outlook emails cannot be sent or forward which has screenshots, attacheents, JPG image..etc , previously it was possible with iOS 6 without any issues. Also I

I recently downloaded iOS 7 and now my outlook is not syncing properly.  My friend also downloaded iOS 7 and her's is working just fine. she tired to fix mine but nothing worked.  Any su

So I am trying to figure out how to run down a VERY annoying problem that affects both my calendar notifications as well as OmniFocus. Using either my Google or calendar (not at the s

I synchronized my iPhone with iTunes and my Outlook calendar.  By doing so, I deleted all of my Outlook calendar events in Outlook and on my iPhone.  How do I reverse that action?  I tr

Привет всем! Подскажите может кто сталкивался с такой проблемой. Захожу в App Store, нажимаю на любое приложение ч

Because of my stupidity my iPhone 4s is automatically recognized as a camera when I connect it to my PC. At one point in the past I connected my phone to my PC and instead of choosing take no action I

I'm having this problem that when I open outlook on my computer all my emails disappear from iPhone and iPad. . My outlook account is pop but IMAP on iPhone and iPad. Emails delete from iPhone and

When using the app store it keeps saying " too many http redirects" how do I stop this??

HY / sziasztok, When I open the appstore, and choose a program, and open the info page, after that the page didnt open,  just say "too many http-redirect.".Why??  szeretnék

After I add my outlook email ( to my iphone5, I can no longer receive email sent to that address.I receive it on the phone quickly.  However, I get this message in outlook:

I deleted my factory calendars by mistake and i'm trying to get my Outlook data to my iPhone.  Please help

All, My PC was recently destroyed along with several years worth of email folders.  I have these folders backed up onto my iphone, but am haveing difficulties downloading them from my Iphone

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