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I recently bought an iPhone 5 from my friend and it had taken some beating but nothing major. The sides are chipped and dented along with few scratches in the back of the phone. I was wondering if App

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Does anyone know what local stores carry the sim tray? I lost my iphone 5 sim tray and need to get a new one asap

Hello everyone. I just shattered the screen on my iPhone 4s today. Is it possible that I can replace it for free.? I have verizon

I have been going from apple rep to apple rep and try and have my iphone 5 screen replaced and not have to pay that expensive cost to have a screen replaced. I have had 24 bad iphone 5s all with same

When replace the touch pad and display of iphone 4s does it function like original one? Does display quality same like original? Does touchpad works fine like original?

I have an iPhone 5C and I would like to replace my black screen with a white screen (maybe a white iPhone 5 screen), but I am not sure if apple would do it for me.

Hi, my iphone 5s only has around 4 hours of battery life and goes from 100% to 10% in around 3 and a half hours of not even heavy using.  I think it is the batteries fault because i was just brow

How much does Apple charge to replace a cracked screen on an iPhone 5c?

Hi All, My iPhone 5 Screen has broked today.Can anyone tell me how to replace it? Thanks, Vishal Bhatia

bought an iphone 5s to replace iPhone 5 can I use old simple card?

My phone has recently had some software issues, the screen will not slide to unlock and flashes white. My phones screen has been cracked for 5 months and it was working fine, And I am unable to turn i

If that iPhone was orignally sold in the US, Out of Warranty replacement cost will be Phone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, Original iPhone$149 Replacement will be an iPhone of the same color and

Was just wondering why some phones are replaced & others not? Is there a secret hand shake or specific "terms" to use to describe your problem?

Hi there, Bought an iphone 5s to replace iPhone 5 can I use my old simple card?  Or do I have to bring the phones to the store to switch phones?  Can anyone help? Thanks in advance

I bought my iphone 5s in the U.S. back in december, and now my screen is cracked. How much will it cost me to replace the screen in london, and how long will it take?  Thank you for your help!

I have small question about can we replace iphone 5c screen with iphone 5 since both has same size or not

Hi,  I've a 4s which I'm holding out for a replacement for another year but the battery life has suddenly gone from bad to worse!  Want to replcae the battery but can't really do

My 4s was purchased in December, 2011.  I want to replace the battery but Apple makes it an overcomplicated chore.  I'm skilled enough to do it myself but am concerned about aftermarket

After opening the sim holder and using a light and a magnifying glass to inspect properly the liquid contact indicator it was still perfectly white without a spot of red. Why did the Apple genius 

Hello Apple Community,     I have recently been having problems with my iPhone 5. I bought the 5 when it first came out about a year ago, and within a month the phone lost its abil

Hi,I would like to know how much is the cost to replace the screen of an iPhone 5s in Appe Store in Malaysia?Also, how long does it take to have the screen replaced? Do i need to leave my iPhone with

I was just wondering how i would go about it.

I shattered the screen to my iPhone 5 last night while getting out of the car. I am still able to see the screen behind it; I'm actually typing this on my phone now. I just need to know how much i

My iphone 5s has been tampered with, will apple still replace it, and yes it does have a warranty.

Dropped my iPhone 4 down the loo, need to know how much Apple will be charging for a replacement. Do Apple still replace iPhone 4?  Thanks

Does apple fix cracked screen? What's the price?

IOS 7.1 was supposed to improve the performance of fingerprint ID on iPhone 5s well it hasn't really done that at least not on MY 5s.  One android your phone unlocks with facial recognition w

If i bring my iPhone 5 with AppleCare+ to an Apple Store because of damage to the battery, would it be possible for them to replace it with an iPhone 5c rather than an iPhone 5?

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