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I am having an issue with my email that started with the upgrade to 4.3. I use Exchange via Mobile Safari (Outlook Web Access) because I dont want to get work email in my Mail app. However since the

I share an iPhone with my spouse. She uses it most of the time, so she has set up Mail to access her POP3 account on Yahoo. I sometimes use the phone and would like to access my email on it when I do

I wanted to see if anyone could help me set-up my iPhone 3GS with my schools webmail. I follow the directions using other and enter my user id and password, the phone the takes me to anothe

I dont believe this issue has been addressed here, its similar to the many duplicate email issues users have been having. I access my email for a personal website of mine on my iphone 4. The website

I am having trouble connecting to my company webmail using Safari... With old iPhone 3G it worked fine. But now with the new iPhone 4 it will not connect. I am even using the same link I was using pr

Hi there
Im trying to integrate an email address that runs out of
Unfortunately, it seems like due to some script on the page, simply putting doesnt

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