https owa auth logon.aspx replace

https owa auth logon.aspx replace

if I shake my phone, you can tell the buttons are fairly loose

My battery runs out at 30 percent if i use my camera or try to send a picture via whats app or bbm

How much to replace with new/refurbished 4s in perth Australia?

Hi Guys, Please i broke my iphone4 screen, where can i get a replacement in Lagos Nigeria and how much does it cost to fix. Many thanks

I dropped my phone yesterday and shattered the screen. How much would it cost to replace the screen/phone at Apple? My warranty expired and I don't have a carrier contract or anything.

Thats no reason for that, lock button one day just stopped to work and the home button is floppy.

My photos and videos are blurry and not at all 5mp standard compared to my mates iphone 4!! Will apple replace this under warranty as its a know problem??? my camera recess on the phone seems to

I have a water damaged iphone 5c. I was thinking about taking it to the Apple store and paying the 269 dollar service charge for them to attempt to fix it. My question is: If they can't fix it, wi

My iPhone fell down on the floor by mistakenly. So I want to change the body of my iPhone. Now I have got a small scratch on the side of the iPhone. It's just above the silent button. Will you be

i bought an iphone5s 16G in iran,but it has a problem in the screen,the screen goes off then some white lines appear in the screen,can i replace it in TURKEY?

as i've just dropped and shattered it?

Just got my Iphone and I do a fair amount of business 3-way calling.  If I am on the phone with caller 1 and place a call to caller 2, I must disconnect with everyone to clear line 2, and I find

Hi there! I was wondering how much it would cost me to replace my iPhone 4 with a newer model or a refurb. I am currently out-of-warranty. I'm pretty sure my phone has water damage and the screen

i have a broken lock button,extrememly cracked screen and currently the left side of the touch screen isnt workingand the battery needs to be charged 3 times a much would it be to fix all of t

My phone was robbed and I was wondering is there anything I can do to get a replacment? iPhone 5

Is it possible to replace "OEM LCD Screen Holder Inner Metal Backplate Chassis Plate Board For iPhone 5C"?My metal plate has scratch on it so the screen doesn't respond to physical touch.

i changed my iphone 4 when it was out of warranty and broken for 120 pounds. is the price still the same?

how much would it cost to replace the glass on the bottom of the back of my iphone5S ??

Hi Guys, I brough an iphone 5 last year in eua and now it is not charging.. it stopped to charge 8 days after the garantee end. I went to many tech authorized companies in brazil and they said th

I need to replace my cracked screen. I found a screen which has serial number in the connector rebbon 821-0695-A. I have iphone 4- 8GB model A1332 -UK3 Network. can i use above for replacement.

I have purchased an iPhone 5s today to replace my iPhone 4s and want to purchase applecare for it  i cannot locate the registration number to do so.  How can i get this number and purchase t

sorry in advance, introduce my name is reza januar institutions from Indonesia. I recently bought an iphone 5 white color but I want to replace with black, the solution please thank you

There has been a logic board failure within the iPhone 5, no water damage to it just switched off and never came back on. Once happened to my iPod Touch and i just got a new one (happened within a mon

iPhone 5 Camera not focusing past 30cm. Is not a software fault, defiantly hardware. Can it be replaced / repaired or will I have to replace the entire phone?  Have been to see the guys in store

Can I replace broken lightning cable from my iPhone 5 if year warranty not passed?

Few days before I brought one iphone 5 by second party and this phone make a unlock but it sometime have a cellular network most of time say no service can u solve this problem please and I put serial

i have an iphone 5s i didnt drop it or put only pressure on it iv only ha it 5 months i was revising with my phone next to me i clicked the top button and suddenly there was a hair line crack on the g

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