iPhone i0s7 download free

Help with download free apps had to cancel credit card

i0s7 download free

I cannot download any 17+  apps on my iPhone 4s.   I tried to change the apps restrictions; however, my menu only lists Don't Allow Apps, 4+, 8+, and 12+.  (There are no 17+ an

I used to plug in my iphone and the iphone icon would appear  in My Computer and that was it. Pictures were seen and I could download them where I wanted. Now I cant even see the iphone icon. I t

iPhone 5c updated to latest version 7.1.1, Wifi kicks on and off, App Store won't connect, won't let me sign in to iMessage or FaceTime. Can't download my apps, date and time will not set

I'm unable to download any app from appstore. When I download any app it shows an error ''Unable to download this app at this time"?

can anyone tell me how to stop this message to be able to download apps from the store i don't have enough money now on my card can i by any means cancel my last purchase request to be able to pro

I can´t download skype to my  IPHONE5, I can´t find it in the App Store, do you know why?

i know there is apps out there for free from apple to connect my iphone 5c to my apple desk top so i can supervise what my kids are doing on my apple desk top computer at all times from my iphone 5c f

i have a new iphone 4s but it is not giving me all available memory. its a 16GB. only 11.9 used and telling me i have 1.7 free???

how do i free up space in my icloud and make sure ALL of my photos and contacts are saved to the cloud? because my app is running slow and i know I have things saved to my cloud and cant see them

Why can't I download apps on my iPhone 5s? Please help. I click on install and them the circle appears for 2 seconds and then disappears. Please reply ASAP.

Im training to download my back up throw my computr but my iphone get stuck with apple logo after i finsh

I have downloaded a free music downloader from the appstore and my iphone is not jailbroken is it possible to catch any virus from those apps ?

hello i cant download anything on appstore on my 5c, the price/free icon/option doesnt show. help please.

Apparently i have 48+ hours to wait for it to download. it took like three minutes for the new 100 mb update. im just trying to restore my iPhone 4 GSM. Everything else downloads relatively quickly.

when i click on the icon it says, waiting then intalling then the message pops up again. i have tried deleting and restarting, i have shut down phone several times i have log out of itunes and signed

I have verfied my apple id and still can not download anything help?

I restored my phone and now the music will not download, everything else will expect my music. What can i do!!?

phone was connected to Surface windows 8.1. Downloaded and removed some pictures. Surface was updating apple software and downloading icloud control. Was plugged in but not charging. Phone shutdown an

I can get free apps, because is going to my billing acount and ask me for me credit card, how can I do?

Hello I've been trying to download new apps on to my iPhone 5s running on 7.0.6 for some reason I can't download new apps from the App Store it will just spin and spin and never download nor w

How can i delete my ap history download from the app icon

i purchased a app and payment failed. now it keeps asking for account credit card details and keeps saying declining and wont even let me down load free applications

I wanna download an app without providing payment details.But unable to find the 'no payment' option on the page.What should I do?

They set up my new 5s at the Verizon store for me. He said it would be easy to download all my previously purchased apps to the new phone. It isn't. I can't figure it out. Help!

I got an iphone 5 from my aunt who used it for a while before giving it up. Now I'm trying to set all profiles. I could do some settings but when I try to update apps, it's my aunt's accou

Yesterday I made a back up of my iPhone and then I rebooted it. Before restoring I had all my song and photos on the phone - they occupied almost the whole memory. But now I can't sync my music be

Can anyone help me figure out why my phone won't download the iOS 7.1.1. I have plenty of storage available.

I try to enter my password to download an app but it says it's wrong. So I go and change my password and it still says the information is wrong (just made new password) I've done this three ti

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