iPhone io7 crashes

My iPhone 5 turns off if I stop using it and whe battery level reading is below 20 percent.  When I connect it to the recharger and check the battery power level it is the same or one digit highe

io7 crashes

Hello, I recntly got a Black iPhone 5s 16gb and it was working fine. Then sudenly the camera app started crashing after i took photos. Soon later the camera app wont open at all and if i try opening f

iphone4s wont boot and crashes on the apple logo then dims out.when on charge is stuck on a continuous boot loop.any suggestions will be great,thanks

After installing latest iTunes update (11.2), the Podcast App crashes on my iPhone 4S.  I have tried turning off the Podcast App, restarting the phone, restoring the phone, and removing the app a

Hey guys.I thought you are all could help me. In the last 3 days my iPhone 5S-16Gb device switches off automatically. Repeats at intervals of half an hour.  I'm being hard mode my device. And

Hey guys. I thought you are all could help me. In the last 3 days my iPhone 5S-16Gb device switches off automatically. Repeats at intervals of half an hour.  I'm being hard mode my device. An

Does anyone know how I can have my iPhone4 repaired? Apple sold it to me deffective but I did not realize until it was out of waranty. Now they have tested it and advice me to buy a new one. Another "

Phones crashes after the update 7.1.1 over wifi in the past I would update the phone over WIFI  with no problem nowIt just WIPES out you're whole entire phone without telling you to back it u

Hey, I've got an iPhone 5 for the last year or so and suddenly it began crashing. like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XCBu1kGh2VEI don;t have an insurance and I rather fix it on my own.Does

When trying to update my phone for 7.1 my phone just crashed, can't hard reset, and the restore estimated time is redicuous and keeps locking out.  Maybe it's my WIFI, but I doubt it sinc

Hi All.My iphone 5s 32gb worked perfectly fine until  upgraded to ios 7.1.Now it keeps crashing, rebooting multiple times a day. Sometimes it enters in a rebooting loop.I´ve tried reseting,

My iphone crashes every time I try to view a photo after taking it in the camera app. It goes to a blurred screen and just hangs, the only way to get out of it is to hold the top button for several se

Fix for blue screen of death on iPhone 5s

I upgraded my iPhone 4S to ios 7.1 approximately one week ago.  Since then, my phone crashes 10+ times per day.  No particular app seems to cause the crash.   I have done a clean i

Just updated my iPhone 5 now Stupid safari & apps now crashes in 7.1 any ideas?

I recently traded in my iPhone 4 for a refurbished one. At least a few times a day while I'm on it, the screen will start to fade and then crash. What could this be?

Hello, today my iPhone started crashing any app when typing an Emoij symbol.I did a reset on the phone and also reconfigured it as a new phone. Nothing helped :-( It is a German iOS 7.0.5.&#

when trying to open email the iPhone 5S crashes. I deleted and re-added all email account and it still crashes.

Just noticed when I crash into the obstacles it will crash me out of the app ( this doesn't happen on my i pad air ? Any one else having this issue and is their a fix ?

My iPhone 5 on iOS 7.0.1 started crashing. I did a DFU clean restore and it continues to crash frequently (5 times in the last hour). Can anybody help?

so my iphone has been flickering and the display will go red, horrizontal lines will also appear afterwards it will just go black and i cant see anything. othertimes it will just dim itself untill i c

I don't believe there's a way to restore from an older backup, at least one that is Apple supported.  There may be a third-party procedure, but I dont' see anything in the Apple suppo

After launching camera from the lock screen, my iPhone has been crashing then rebooting to the screen you see when the battery is drained (regardless of how much battery is left). Sometimes I can rebo

Why when I try to open iOS 7 app for tips it crashes? I already made update but no helps

My iPhone 5 has started crashing with at least 50% battery power.  Is there any way to stop this or is it a product of the iOS 7 upgrade?

Been having issues with my i-phone 5, It keeps crashing in apps, lines on the screen freezes with apple logo. Sometimes white,blue or green screen sometimes scrolling text like dos...  Help?

My iPhone 5 keeps randomly restarting, it was a replacement from exactly 1 year ago (first iPhone 5 stopped playing audio during calls), I know the phone is out of warranty but i feel cheated that the

I have a 5s on verizon, it crashes regularly (with blue screen), mostly when playing video like Netflix, Hulu, or taking a picture.  My understanding, this is due to incompatibility of the 64 bit