On find my friends app it shows find my location from two devices I deleted them both I had gone through a few different iPhones is that a bad thing I deleted them off of find my friends


While traveling this summer, I want a friend of mine to be able to track the location of my iPhone (for safety reasons).  She does not own a smartphone nor does she have an Apple computer. 

There is no option for current location weather In my iOS 7 weather app

I have noticed that FF will use my location services periodically when I only have the program running in the background. This happens when I know my friend isn't requesting my location. Does FF d

How can I restrict my children from say sending pictures ? Monitor what they are doing with out paying a subscription. ?

I think someone has been going thru my phone or accessing my information from a different location other than in my phone itself is there anyway to tell if someone has installed spyware or accessed an

Is it possible for the find my iphone app to give an inaccurate location when it is tracking movement perfectly down the street and there is no green circle around it? Will find my iphone retrace a ro

i upgraded from iphone4s to iphone 5c and i have no service can someone help please

location services won't turn on with iOS 7 update in my iPhone 4S

My friend is able to track my location through whatsapp messages.. I did not share my location with him, and i dont have any phone tracking system installed on my iphone 4s. The only thing i noticed w

I Have a Iphone 5 it is currently up to date , I Only use Wi fi on my phone and my location services are off , is it possible for my phone to be tracked by any apps ? To see on a GPS where i am or hea

I am interested in the ability to call the emergecy services from my Iphone 5s, even when it is turned off. In circumstances where you may have fallen at home and are incpacitated or ill. I think I ha

So I was texting a friend when he said it had a link to my home address I asked how so he snap shot it and sent me it the last sentence of my texts was made into a blue hyperlink but still said the sa

My maps will not route directions on my phone using Verion 4G data. The apps that use locations services have also failed to work when searching for locations. QOn wifi, it works sporadically. I check

Hi there,I have been using iPhone 4s for almost 2 years. There was no problem. But today I opened MAPS and tap on location icon. But it says "cannot determine location". I am using wifi, all location

I have an unlocked iPhone4 and I've installed a new sim card.  It read my AT&T network correctly the first timeI started the phone.  Now I can't access the network even though my

It doesn't prompt me with yes or later like most apps.  It tells me to go to settings, privacy, location services, etc but when I go there, the app is not listed.  I know how the usual s

Wasn't like that before. Its draining my battery.. Discovered that Foursquare was the one causing it. Reinstalled the app, that problem was solved. Did the same with "Amigos" app, but the geofence

Find my iPhone shows the phone in different location than where it is

My iPhone 5 was stolen Saturday night I was able to locate it Sunday morning by Monday evening I am not seeing it showing on find my iPhone on my iPad it's is showing offline.can the person reset

Hi everyone! hopefully someone out in the internet world can help me. I recently got an iPhone for my birthday and I was wondering what system services are and why it's using up my data? how do I

if someone wanted to locate an iphone on the sprint website with the sprint family locator but the iPhones location services were turned off, would you still be able to locate that phone

I want to restore my iphone from Itunes. My iphone is in recovery mode. In itunes is shows a message saying "contacting the iphone software update services". I don't know what to do since this mes

I received a message that tell me my exaxt location and I didn't do it? So theres any posibility to know who do that???

Whenever I send a message in Facebook it attaches my location which is a bit creepy, yet all of the information I've found about how to shut this feature off seems to be outdated. How do I disable

Since upgrading to iOS7 my iPhone 4S will often return the error "No Results Found" for even the most basic search request. What is even more annoying is it will AutoFill a location and still ref

The weather app used to get my city correct and show the correct weather but lately (I don't know exactly when it started) the weather it shows is for a city with the same name, but vastly differe

I can find my location settings on my iPhone 4S, but both overall and settings for particular apps are greyed out. I need to turn location services on for a particular app to work.  Can anyone he

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