Question : iOS 6 NO SOUND PROBLEM iPhone 4

2012-10-12 06:17:03

i have 4s. after ios 6 upgrade in a few days a teribble awful issue has started. suddenly the general sound of the iphone goes off and sometimes 1-2 hours never come back, at the same time the volume buttons does not work. i tried everything include restoring but didnt fix the problem... about this problem when i plug the headset the sound coomes back but only for a few minutes.... after a while all the sound goes off again, and sometimes when i play a music or open an app, the sound comes for 3 seconds and goes off for 2 seconds after that comes again for 5 seconds and after that goes off again.... and the sound control bar on bottom of screen disappears and appears again again... the sound never comes continuesly...  i have found a video on youtube that has similar issue lilke mine please check. does any one has the same bug, and knows about this terrible problemiOS 6 NO SOUND PROBLEM iPhone 4

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Answers : iOS 6 NO SOUND PROBLEM iPhone 4

2012-10-12 06:17:03

I've been trying to trouble shoot this for a week now. Nothing has worked. Not only have I lost audio for Apps, I've lost audio for any notification: ringtone, messages, and email. All settings are on for sounds, I can play all sounds, music, video, all with audio with or without plugging in my buds. So, why isn't there audio with everything else? This is frustrating.

2012-10-12 06:17:03

I have same problem only get volume when plug in headphones! But still have volume when I make and receive calls! Reset IPhone still no sound!

2012-10-12 06:17:03

Hello, guys. You are not alone. Many people have this terrible problems on their iPhones including mine.

It is very annoying that the sound frequently stops working when I listen a music.


I have had this issue for more than two weeks. I have no patience any more about this shi-t and stupid phone. If Apple doesn't fix it as soon as possible, I swear I will NEVER buy any stupid apple products.

2012-10-12 06:17:03

Check what your iPhone is airplaying to, I've had this same problem since upgrading to ios6 and its caused my alarm to go off silently almost every morning so I'm late for school and work. Every time the sound stops working my iPhone is trying to airplay to something called "dock connector" and there's no option to go back to iPhone . The first few times this happened simply restarting the phone fixed it but now it's on and off constantly , last night I tired just turning off wifi so it couldn't airplay and my alarm would actually go off and it worked

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