Question : ios 6 wifi now greyed out unable to turn on iPhone 4S

2012-09-20 16:11:03

Upgraded both myself and partners 4s handsets and ipads. ipads and one handset fine, my wifi has greyed out, Tried all the usual help guides any other suggestions? rebooted, reinstalled, reset network etc am baffled and pretty hacked off tbh!!!!


Nearest apple store is brighton (20 miles away) so am guessing i have to make and appointment and get it replaced? (its 6 months old)



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Answers : ios 6 wifi now greyed out unable to turn on iPhone 4S

2012-09-20 16:11:03

You don't have to make an appointment at the Apple store, it's just a bug in the new iOS. You can reset your 4S back to iOS 5.1.1. or you'll have to wait for a new software upgrade, wich I think will come shortlly, a lot of people are having the same problem. So do I.



2012-09-20 16:11:03

Since April I'm without wi-fi on my 4S, waiting for iOS 6 release, and then boom, wi-fi greyed out too in my phone.

*** is happening with Apple? That's awful...

2012-09-20 16:11:03

hi there how would i reset back yo 5.1.1??

2012-09-20 16:11:03

Yeah, you can reset it, then you will have 5.1.1 again. I did the same and then put iOS 6 on my 4S again, after that the Wi-Fi worked again.

2012-09-20 16:11:03



If your wifi is greyed out:


you need to go to the apple store. You're wifi chip has expired! Wifi chip experation dates were checked upon the new software, that is why some  iPhones still work and others don't. They will replace it for you free of charge (don't quote me on this). It was free for me.


I myself have an iPhone4S and they told me exactly this.

2012-09-20 16:11:03

You don't have to go to the Apple store.

I had my Wi-Fi greyed out, I resetted my iPhone 4S to iOS 5.1.1, then updated it again to iOS 6 and my Wi-Fi worked. I did it last night and it's still working

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