Question : iOS 7 eating my iphone 5 battery

2013-09-25 08:28:03



since i upgraded my iphone 5 to iOS 7 i noticed some battery issue. battery % go down very fast ;/. Before this upgrade battery was ok.





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Answers : iOS 7 eating my iphone 5 battery

2013-09-25 08:28:03

Apple MUST come out with fix to this battery issue.  This is insane.  I've turned off just about everything on my iphone 5, after ios7, my battery lasted 4 hours!  The evening I upgraded to ios7, I over slept and woke up to a cold dead phone!  Since I turned off just about everything, and battery runs out in 4 hours!  It's crazy, it's the biggest mistake Apple came out with.  What's the point if features are all turned off to save battery just get through a day and have to turn features back on manually when needed, e.g., blue tooth or wifi.  It wipes out the whole fun of having an iphone!  With ios 6, I still had to turn off some things but I didn't miss those, and battery lasted like 2 days, and that's using the phone, not babying it to save battery!  I can't wait for Apple to fix this issue!  This will be a huge issue when I travel overseas or long distance which I do often! I'll be looking for plugs everywhere I go and we know they're not always available!  I'm terribly disappointed with ios7!  Sleek and sexy iphone is fantastic, but chasing plugs to keep that is not Apple like.

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