ios 6 crashing

Why my Facebook app keep crashing when I'm using itCan someone please help me out ASAP I'm in Trinidad and my carrier is Bmobile Thanks in advance

My camera app is crashing! I am felling frustrated ! I bought my iPhone 5s in u.s unlocked one, but I'm in India now what should I do?? Can I claim for warranty?

What to do if app is crashing on iPhone?

Ive had the iPhone 5s since early its release, and for a good few months, had no issues with it. Recently however, I have found my phone will randomly crash, complete with a blue screen, flickering li

my iphone keeps crashing when you open the saffari it will go back to the home screen same with my itunes, the app store and music store. also when i open my settings and try to look at certain things

Ever since i upgraded to the newer ISO 6 and above my iphone 4s keeps crashing!  I can barely use it as a phone, emails keeps crashing, crashing halfway during calls and even candy crush wont ope

instagram crashing since downloading ios7.1 update on iphone4.  tried resetting all in general settings still wont work.  any suggestions??

Have an iPhone 4s with iOS 7 update. Since update, it crashes constantly-- especially with Facebook. Anyone else? Solutions? Thanks~

I press on my Plants vs Zombies 2 App, it goes about to the start then it crashes and goes back to home screen. The same goes for my other games (Dead space, battle nations).I got the new update, I wa

All my social media apps, Kik, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and Safari as well as some others will not even open for two seconds. I know I have only about 13Mb left of storage and I thought it

I've only had my phone for 2 months. About a week ago it started throwing me out of Facebook then my photos. Now I can't get online or go to settings or my photos, Facebook or anything else be

I have the IPhone 4 and today Facebook started crashing. Anyone else have similar issues ?

I have seen a number of other comments on here about iPhone app crashes on iOS7.0.5 - but I have not seen any resolutions. For the record, the following apps now crash on my iPhone 5s running 7.0

my apps keep crashing .... even the factory ones.. i tried to clear my phone and reload everything again and still having the same problem

I experiencing problems with my iphone 5, it crashes, vertical lines appear on the screen, it shuts off and reboots

What should I do. I ran dslteports speed test. My ping was 519 download spped was .28 Mbps and upload speed was .34 Mbps.  I've done a hard reset and reset my network settings. No help from e

I have an iPhone 4 GSM and everytime I go to open the camera app it crashes and closes down, i've tried rebooting, restarting and re-installing iOS 7 onto my phone but nothing works, it works fine

My iphone always crashes now. When are they sending out a fix for the iOS 7 disaster download? Any tips?

My ipnone 5s keeps crashing and blue screening any advice

a blank screen with apple logo on it. then after a few seconds it gets corrected. also my battery drains very fast and the phone gets heated quite a lot. the battery drains out even when i am asleep a

I've never had my iphone crash before and ever since i updated to ios 7 it is crashing at 30%. It turns off and states it has no battery life left but when I plug it into the charger the iphone im

I got my iPhone 5s 32GB in December 2013. It sometimes keeps crashing when I'm on an app and I want to close it by pressing the home button. The screen just freezes and non of the buttons do anyth

My iPhone 4S iOS 7.0.4 has been crashing so much lately and my Panorama photo doesn't work. iOS 7 has ruined my phone and needs to be fixed or can be downgraded. Any advice ? It also has been movi

i have an Iphone an it keeps crashing an rebooting constantly when powered back on it stays on for like a few seconds an then shuts of in a matter of seconds in order for it to stay on the power suppl

I've had the 5s since September.  All apps crash regularly - even Phone, text messaging, settings, and calendar apps crash routinely.  I have reset, hard reset and reset network settings

I am very new to Iphones. I have an Ipone 4 with IOS 4.1. I have tried to update it but it keeps crashing and locking up my phone.Any help would be appreciated. No matter what I try to install always

My iphone 5 is constantly crashing. I receive this incident Incident Identifier: 45CF43AC-ED5B-4F68-A6AE-B0C8677070CCCrashReporter Key:   84258ba978dc70dc53b2bc9625bfd4cdc2fd9b34Hardwar