ios 7 how to clear app history

I accidentally deleted a message string from someone, now the phone shows an unopened message. When you open the message app, there are no unopened message showing, but yet, the app icon still shows t

ios 7 clear app history

how do i get rid of deleted purchased apps in app history on iphone 5s

I need help to figure out how to restore all of my past icloud history

Is it possible to review the login history for the find my iphone app?  If not, will my iTunes login history show something similar?  Thanks in advance.

When I recently plugged in my phone to my imac to do a backup on my phone, I find out I have 2G of " Other " using up space on my iphone5s, I do not believe this is operating system use as it was not

I currently don't have my phone but i need to wipe everything out. help?

I'm trying to restore my whatsApp data from my iCloud and it's not working. I deleted the app and reinstalled it. Trying to restore the data but the process seems to be stuck and not completed

It seems everytime I watch a video or use an app that buffers (like Netflix etc.) the buffered video does not disappear. About 2 weeks of normal day to day use and over 10gb of "other" has appeared on

I deleted the "purchased history" list on my phone and I would like to revcover them. Is there a way to do it?

So I accidentally downloaded a game, and i know my parents would find out that i did in the purchase history. I know you can't delete purchase history, but hoew do you hide it? Thanks!

How can I delete things off purchased history

My iPhone 5C won't let me slide to clear the lock screen. I have turned it off 4 times, but it stays locked once it comes up again. is there something I can do or should I take it back in since it

How to clear your information from a faulty phone that will not turn on or connect to computer

i'm getting an [NAND] error - how do I clear or fix it?


hi...  I  have updating to ios 7.0.2 two past months, the level line apple update  has reached 60%, then it's frozen, and later around 4-5 minutes Itunes  11.1 have returned er

I frequently use the location alert option in the Reminders app - alerts when leaving or arriving at a certain location.  I need to clear the location history.  I have a few addresses that I

I need to download ITunes to my computer to reset my iphone.  How do I do that?

I suspect that my husband have new lover, when I checks his phone found that the call history is cleared every time.That's terrible. I want to know how to get the call history back. Then restore t

I have 13.8 MB of uninstalled apps taking up space but I don't know how to delete them?

I have an iPhone 5, and I got problem with camera after putting iOS 7. The pictures are not clear. I restored it but nothing happened. What can I do? Thanks in advance!

How do i clear the "other" storage space?!

How do I clear the "Other" section? It's eating up 3 GB of memery on my phone? to be clear there is video, Apps, Documents,Music...and Other.  Thank you in advance!

I cannot seem to get 6.08 worth of Gb off of my documents and data someone help!

How do I clear all my messages on my iphone 4S as I cannot gain access to my messages at all?

On the new IOS 7, The band color at the bottom of the screen is a ugly color and I don't like it. Is there a way to change the color of it or make it clear? I really regret changing my iphone to i

my iphone5 screen is broken and the screen does not work at all. How do I unlock it to transfer all of my contacts and pictures to itunes so i can transfer them to a new devices and clear my old devic

i bought an iphone5s, but my iPhone 4 is still receiving emails, etc.  i tried a reset/erase all content, but it does't recognize my passcode. any suggestions?

I have two iphones - one for work and one for home.  Both have different accounts and I never use my personal iPhone for business.  Somehow when I type emails my work contacts are appearing

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