iPhone ios 7 emails

hi i recently replaced my battery and now i cannot see whats on my screen but i can hear myself getting texts and emails please help me

ios 7 emails

my icloud id was disable due to too many attempt. I want to reactivate it. but cant remember password or dont have access to recovery emails. How can I do this ?

I have 3 email accounts - one only keeps 2 to 3 of the latest emails at a time. How do I reset to show all or more?

My iphone's screen gone completely blank, not responding to touch or any button. but can hear emails and calls coming in??

i cant send or receive emails from my second email account on my iphone. i have loaded i0S7. i was told that it doesnt like two emails with the same address so i changed from a hotmail to a yahoo acco

I was wondering how can i set it up so it can stop showing up that it cannot get mail

I can no longer select emails for deletion, forwarding or moving to another folder by either swiping left or selecting edit.  Once I swipe, the messages deselects on its own.  If I hit edit

Cannot access my emails anymore from my iphone 4s.  Shut down phone and even rebooted to no avail.  Went into settings and deleted the account but it came right back.  Help.

Hi Apple community -  I'm suddenly unable to send email from my iPhone on my cellular data network. I have a hotmail account (I know, stone-aged) and have reset my account password, verified

My wife and I both have iPhone 5c using iOS 7.0.4. When either of us deletes an email on our phone, it deletes it on the server also. So if one of us deletes an email before the other has downloaded i

Is there a way to add a new "mail box "file" to hold VIP emails in iPhone 5? When I click the folder at the top of my Email, my choices are Inbox, Drafts, Sent, and Trash. I want to add a folder calle

My iPhone 5s is causing speaker interference when I get a text, email, etc. If the phone is close to a speaker (like a computer speaker or stage monitor), the speakers "buzz" a bit before and/or after

My iPhones email app is not checking automatically for emails, only when I open it.. How to fix?

Looking for help.... I keep getting a pop-up message on my phone stating that my server is not responding and to check my settings.  My settings are fine.  Any advice on what I can do to rec

Hello Since updating to iOS7 i have a problem with the mail app.  When in any mail box, if i press the Edit icon to select multiple emails for deletion, the radio button icons against the se

IOS 7 added 5300+ emails to my phone. IOS 6 limited each account to 200. How can I do a bulk delete?

I no longer am able to see how many emails I have in my inbox ever since I upgraded to iOS 7 is there a way for me to see how many emails are in my inbox now?

Specific emails in iOS 7 will not open.  Its happening to the emails that have two Arrows next to them >> I believe these are email threads, because it says the email is from multiple

So I just downloaded ios7 and my little email icon is now showing that I have 6719 unread email messages - even though I don't.They're all in one of my hotmail email accounts, not any of my ot

updated IOS7 on my iphone 5 over wifi, but unable to send emails eversince from either my exchange or gmail account.

Why won't links in emails open the related app? Twitter, eBay, Facebook etc. emails containing links to their content open a web page rather than the app itself.  If you pull down an eBa

I had message from Google stating that someone was trying to get into my Hotmail account and to chande my password which I did and as I my apple ID is gmail everytime I try to send or receive emails i

I can receive emails no problem, but i can send them i constantly get "cannot send mail- an error occurred while trying to send measage" and ive tried everything, restoring phone completely, deleting

Models : iPhone 3GS
why can i not delete junk from my email and send to trash

After emails are trashed, they continue to remain on the phone.  How do I permanently erase them from the phone?

I have had my 4S for about a year now.  About once a month ( but 3 times just this week) I get a email dated  12/31/69.  This email has no sender, no subject, and no content. I can not

Had the iphone 5 for a couple of months and today I had problems receiving/sending text messages and calls. email is fine. I have tried the usual i.e. power down, remove/reseat sim, reset network conn

the email icon on my iPhone is showing that I have 17 unread emails in my inbox. when I check,  there are no unread emails. it is an exchange account and my PC says there are no unread emails eit

My iPhone started to randomly send emails to people I don't know. The only reason I know it is happening is that the emails are being sent back undeliverable. I believe I have a virus.  How d

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