ios 7 receiving texts on too many phones

I used to send and received hotmail from my iPhone. From yesterday aim not receiving any mail. Every time I have been asked to enter the outlook hotmail password. After entering the password a massage

ios 7 receiving texts phones

Dear Sir, i have problem in my Iphone 5 that during receiving any calls always appeare message that error in application occurred please call support quoting error code 2907. I need to solve my proble

I use to have an iphone 4s and i dropped it in a pool, so it had water damage. Yesterday i got a new iphone, and now i cant retrieve any of my contacts.

hi i recently replaced my battery and now i cannot see whats on my screen but i can hear myself getting texts and emails please help me

Hey guys just a quick question im thinking of restoring  iphone 5s but i dont want to lose my texts is their away to back them up.

I'm having issues deleting texts from my iPhone 4S.  When I try to delete them, it freezes my messages.  When I restart the phone, the texts that I attempted to delete, reappear.  I

Hi, I requested to unlock my iphone 4, got confirmation email, connected it to itunes, restored as new, phone updated to ios 7, it worked fine for a day and than stopped making calls or receive calls,

I have a group chat that is 2 and half years old and I have never deleted any texts from.  How would I be able to go to the first message sent without clicking load earlier message. I did that fo

My phone has recently had some software issues, the screen will not slide to unlock and flashes white. My phones screen has been cracked for 5 months and it was working fine, And I am unable to turn i

Sorry for the long intro question.  I just bought a new iPhone 5S for me and a new 5C for my wife.We want to give our kids my old 4S and my wife's old 4.  We backed up our old phones and

My iPhone 4S is in recovery mode right now, and it is plugged into my laptop so I can restore it. What happens if i get texts during this time? Will they appear on my phone once it is restored? A

My iPhone 5 worked well for several weeks.  Now I cannot hear an incoming call unless I use the speaker phone.  Even then, the other party cannot hear me.  When the speaker is not on, I

My iPhone 5s is reading head phones with no head phones I attempted inserting the head phones 10 times n it didn't work

Can you buy an iPhone 5s or 5c outright in China? Without signing up for a plan or anything?

Hi.  I have an white iPhone 5, but the phones body have been damaged so.  Can I change the body??

I have a new iPhone - 5c, if I back my info onto iCloud is that enough so I don't loose my info when switching phones?

Is there a simple way to block texts or calls? Don't need anything fancy. Silent mode not an option. Want them to not reach me at all! Thank you

switched to galaxy 3 and cant' get texts from people that used to imessage me.  I have tried everything but swtiching my phone number.

I have recently broken my I Phone 4 and resorted to using a basic Samsung until I purchase a new iphone. I have been unable to receive text messages from people who have I message is there a way aroun

Why is there a lock symbol on my phone and I can't receive messages or email since updating yesterday march  14, 2014

Has anyone else had issues with iMessage no longer working since new ios7.1?They're working between iPad to iPad but not being delivered iPhone to iPhone, even though they say they've been del

how to connect iphone4s to other iphones via bluetooth??????

I have an iPhone 5 and today randomly my phone made one persons thread of texts can I get them back?


So my apple IPhone 4 cooked itself and wiped itself of anything useful, I was obviously pretty angry that my phone both hurt me and died so unceremoniously so I went and bought a Google nexus 5, now I

I went into recovery mode - and keep receiving error 4005 - tried different usb, computers, did all updates possible nothing helps, my iphone screen shows apple logo and constant waiting circle

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