ios 7 unable to connect to wifi

My iphone is lock an apple id
i lost my id

ios 7 unable connect wifi

Models : iPhone 4S
I know we need itunes to connect iphone to windows. But my itunes is not working I found this by google iphone drivers. is it a scam?

I dropped my iphone 4 yesterday....Now, the wifi button won't slide to on. Any suggestions?

My 3G isnt working, whenever im not connected to my wifi i cannot send a txt or use internet, even thou i have all bars of reception and 3G symbol showing. not sure what opperating system im using as

ýesterday  my iphone 5c screen  suddendly  shows connect to itune and i try to restore it using itune but halfway i got a message error occured (14). please help me in solving th

ýesterday  my iphone 5c screen  suddendly  shows connect to itune and i try to restore it using itune but halfway i got a message error occured (14). please help me in solving th

have iPhone 5s on charger for what it seems like an eternity and it wont charge. when its unplugged it shows the thunderbolt and connect charger on the screen but when i plug it into the charger it sa

unable to purchased from in-app ...saying purchased could not be completed?

My iPhone 5s, which I have had for 6 months wont connect to my home wifi.. it just keeps saying loading.. someone please help!?

I would like to use the geofence feature to control my wifi state. This seems like a simple and natural application of that feature but I don't see any apps that provide that capability. Has anyon

My son disabled my phone by pressing the wrong passcode many times. I want to enter the actual passcode but is says  "Iphone is Disabled " connect to Itunes", when i do it just says "cannot conne

After updating I'm not able to connect to iTunes .  Not allowed to make purchases

Hello dear apple store as I have if I have burned wifi and gsm modules and need to activate iphone 5 a1498 , please tell me what I should do.  Thanks in advance.

iPhone 5c updated to latest version 7.1.1, wifi kicks on and off, App Store won't connect, won't let me sign in to iMessage or FaceTime. Can't download my apps, date and time will not set

my iphone has been lost in my house and i need to find a way to track it and its offline. it wont connect to the internet so there isnt a way to use find my iphone. i just want to play a sound on it.

I'm unable to download any app from appstore. When I download any app it shows an error ''unable to download this app at this time"?

My phone keeps saying "Cannot connect to App Store". I have tried using different wifi connections and my cellular network but it keeps saying the same thing.

I cannot connect my iPhone via hot spot but I can connect my s4 with no issues via hotspot. Pc connect to wifi no issues either. Do I need to add programs to Pc or iphone?

Regardless of what you suspect, if an app has an across the board problem, it is the vendor that will need to addess it, not Apple.

Useless apple - of course the apple status page reports no issues. I'd say their monitoring of outages is pretty inadequate

Tried logging onto snapchat and it says could not connect please check your connection and try again

looking for a good cable 30 pin male to female that isn't cheaply made to connect my 4s to my docking station.

I live in China, but I have an iPhone 4s that I bought in Sweden 2 years ago. Somehow, I can't download the same apps as my Chinese friends who bought their phones here. Is it possible to connect

My Iphone gives the message "cannot connect to itunes store" when I try to connect to Itunes.  Everything is allright and my signal to the wifi is strong.  What gives?

wifi disable

my iphone says to connect to itunes and i did and it finshed and it keeps saying to do it

Can anybody help me with this problem? I have been trying to figure it out for 3 months and cant. I have an iPhone 4S and my iPhone won't connect to any wifi network for more than 2 minutes then i

I have an iphone 4s and a ipad 2 they are both on ios 7.1.1. My ipad works with the 30 pin digital av adapter but my iphone wont. Is there any setting i might need to change on my iphone?

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