since ios 7.0.2 i cant send picture messages

Models : iPhone 4
I used to be able to access my message history when I connected my phone to my computer. My computer guru has recently died and I don't know what he did to remove that but I g

ios 7.0.2 send picture messages

My 3G isnt working, whenever im not connected to my wifi i cannot send a txt or use internet, even thou i have all bars of reception and 3G symbol showing. not sure what opperating system im using as

I take a lot of pictures, and i just recently bought some storage because i didnt have enough. So buying the storage, i thought i could take a picture. When i tried to, it said that i did not have eno

The warranty is only good in the country of original purchase. You would have to get the iphone back to someone in the U.S who could then get it to Apple for replcaement

I bought a new iPhone 5s 2 months ago and have since often had issues receiving SMS messages on time in a Group Chat.  4 of us in the chat have iPhones, 1 person has an Android, but it was never

I have a new iPhone and have kept my old one to play music in another room.  I have recently updated my software on the new iPhone and when it backed up it backed up to the old iPhone, I have the

Is there an app that will automaticly send a text at a scheduled time and date

Anyone having problem with iphone getting a not delivered message after sending pic and it really is getting delivered to recipient.

I've tried to open it threw tapping the app, contacts, and in settings with no luck.My iphone 4 turn off button no longer works therefore turning off or resetting is not an option.

My camera roll is a mess. so many photos over each other. I need categories to organize them. I created albums, but its still mess! And it takes so much time to find that one picture. Am asking if the

Hi, When I use the above apps eBay, gumtree autotrader and probably more I've not noticed, they have share this item buttons that always used to work. Recently when I press the share this Item to

Hi I've had my iphone 5 about 8 months now and all of a sudden the other day it won't let me call or txt and won't let me receive them either, what can I do

Hope someone can help me well about a week ago I could not send pics to my wife's iPhone she has an iPhone 4s and I have the iPhone 4 one day last week I tired to send some pics to her through the

My messages icon keeps telling me i have unread texts and increases in number as I recieve more, but I have already opened them and when I tried deleting them, closing the app, and deleting them indiv

I dont get Whats app messages instantly .I first have to open the app ,then it connects, and then i get my message .Is there a way to get it instantly?They same goes for BBM

I have tried everthing I know to get my picture to show on 'Find My Friends' app. All enabled under privacy - contacts, picture associated with my contact details (log in email is associa

my voicemail is full and I need to delete messages.  I have selected messages and deleted and tried to clear all but the mailbox stays full

All I did was text and play music for a little while.  At exactly 3:58 pm I sent a text I checked my  phone later at exactly 4:02 pm and it was black when I call it it wont ring. My ipod did

My iPhone 5 charger stopped working. It's under warranty and I want to send it back. How do I initiate that process? The website keeps sending me in circles.  I'm getting an error message

i cant fit my picture to my lock screen after i updated to iso7 and im actually really annoyed. I heard its just a glitch but is there anyway to fix it?

I forgot my scurity questions and I went to the apple page to Change them and they said they have sent me a email but they never did please help

Want back full screen caller pic in 7.1 ios in apple 5s

Two days ago, iMessage randomly stopped working. I can still send and receive SMS fine, but iMessage does not work at all. When I try to send, it says it failed to deliver. In addition, whenever other

how do I completley remove erased phone numbers and messages from my Iphone 5, how do I completley remove erased phone numbers and messages from my Iphone 5

was updating iphone 5c while it was plug to laptop and now it has a black screen with an itunes logo and a picture of a plug with an arrow. what can i do to fix that?

Dear Team,Why Apple not give option on Whatsapp for sending Music file? I am using sone trick but when i send music file via whatsapp other person download it but some time music file not played becau

I really need to know how to diconect my old phone from my phone number that way my text messages get deliver to my new phone

I cannot open the messages app. I have reset the iphone, I have tried texting myself from different numbers and have done a complete reset. The app starts to load and then just shuts down. Is there an

Possible Related since ios 7.0.2 i cant send picture messages