since ios 7.0.2 i cant send picture messages

My iMessage is only working with some iPhones. Others are text messages on my phone and appear as message on my friends phone. I've tried resetting the network but that didn't work. suggestion

ios 7.0.2 send picture messages

So earlier today I decided to do a messages dump to clear up some space from cached pictures in my sms app. Ever since, my phone has been telling me I have two new messages from my wife. They don'

I accidentally deleted a message string from someone, now the phone shows an unopened message. When you open the message app, there are no unopened message showing, but yet, the app icon still shows t

Anyway to recover deleted text messages?Anyway to recover deleted photos?

I just got iphone 5s and i have a problem with skype.When i open chat with someone i see only my messages and dont receive any from other people or I do but with delay - few hours or even a day.If any

Need address to send phone for repairs

um i have lock my iphone i want to unlock it with out losing any memory such as photos text messages contacts apps and more

I checked the persons phone and there mms is on and my mms is working so what's the problem???

I don't know my security questions and I don't recognize the email it wants to send the reset thing to. What should I do?

Deleting whole conversations within the "messages" App causes the app to freeze.  Turning the phone off and back on is the only way to restore messaging functionality, however the deleted convers

I have an verizon iphone 5. For about a week now I have had nothing but dropped calls and failed sent msg. I see I have one bar (dot) and it says 1x. No 3G or LTE. My wife has a 4S and id sitting next

How do i delete my saved messages once they have been deleted the old fashioned way?  They take up a lot of space.

How much will it cost me to send my iPhone off to apple for my rear casing  to be replaced?

Someone using my credit card. Saw my billing statement. I dont purchase on feb 18 it cost usd 34.99 in peso 1,609.41 but I have never received any receipt I bought it. I can send to u my credit card p

my phone died a little earlier and its been on the charger since about 1:50 and its now 8:01 and ive tried holding the power button and the home button but its still only showing the battery charging

My iphone 4s won't make any sounds to alert me when I receive a text message.

I forgot my security questions on my iTunes and the email to reset them won't go through what do Ido?

How do I get pictures in Contacts to appear full screen when the phone rings instead of as a thumbnail?

I have some major errors in my operating system and was told that I have to erase my phone and then set it up as a new phone.  I have a lot of messages I'd like to be able to keep and have ac

When I used to block someone on my iPhone, I would still recieve their messages on my MacBook, yet now when I block someone... I don't have that happen. Is this a fluke or does it also block them

Hi. My iPhone fails to send messages (SMS, iMessage, Text, etc) after I delete any message on my iPhone. I can delete my messages by either swiping left, and deleting or by selecting "Delete All" and

I got my iphone 5s last 2 months, and it's ios is 7.0.6, after a month i can't easily send SMS, i have several apps and games. I tried to update my ios but still the problem persist. What coul

My iPhone 4s notified me that I had to manage my storage  so I deleted  apps that used a lot of space I deleted almost all my picture and it still keeps telling me  I don't have eno

I recently installed the iPhone 7.1 software update because the description only mentioned "minor bug fixes".  To my suprrise however, there were several additional changes--such as no longer bei

how do i delete messages that are wasting storage? i have no messages that i see, but in usage it says i have 1.2 GB of saved messages,

I have a iPhone 4 and I had problems sending texts and making calls so I got a new one. I then gave my boyfriend my old iphone snd told him if he could get it to work he could have it. For some reason

I just updated my phone and I'm really hoping there is anyway to recover any or all of my imessage data. I backed it up before updating it and it then said that the phone was in "recovery mode" an

I currently don't have my phone but i need to wipe everything out. help?

when i charge my iphone to 100 percent then when i go to use it to make a call or send a text message or even just to check facebook the battery percentage drops right down to 80percent so how di i te

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