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I noticed yesterday that the app bar at the bottom of my home screen is grey, whatever I change my wallpaper to. How can I change the colour of this?

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Hello, For some reason on my iPhone 5s, neither the dock nor the folder backgrounds in iOS 7.1 are using a translucent color that match my wallpaper, instead both simply being a dark, flat grey.

My wallpaper floats in the background.  Is there a fix for this?

Why can't I resize my pictures so that the whole picture can fit the screen as my wallpaper

Why can't I resize pictures to fit my wall paper on my phone? I used to be able to and now it zooms in and cuts off. Seriously Apple? This was the dumbest change yet. Fix it or tell us what size t

I am particularly looking for the wallpaper that is printed on the box of the gold and white iphone 5S box. It appears to be white with a small gold dot effect

Hello. A few nights ago, my picky client finally upgraded his iPhone 4S' iOS 6 to iOS 7. He doesn't like the blurred background wallpaper image when using the phone feature (e.g., calling

Models : iPhone 4S
When choosing a wallpaper on my iPhone 4s iOS 7.0.4 in my pictures, then attempting to scale the image, it continues to zoom in on the picture and does not stay scaled to what I

I am having the same problem, scale an image to set for wallpaper and it immediately goes right back to the original size. I tried resizing the images but they always appear to be zoomed in when setti

So I dropped my month old 5c in the toilet last night...l I immediately threw it in a container full of rice where it sat for 16 hours. I plugged it in and it was touch and go for a while- it turned i

Why when you set a picture as home screen or lock screen the picture zoom in and you can't zoom all the way back out to get all of the picture to home screen or lock screen it zooms in and you can

problems with sizing up wallpaper on ios7

Turned off reduce motion setting & it didn’t work but I came up with my own solution. Hope it helps

Go to Photos
Pick photo that you want to use as wallpaper
Click Edit

Turned off reduce motion setting & it didn’t work but I came up with my own solution. Hope it helps

Go to Photos
Pick photo that you want to use as wallpaper
Click Edit

I recently got my iphone 5s last week and all of a sudden i notice a slight delay in the wallpaper animation. It lasts for only a split second but it bothers me. The only significant change to my phon

Thank you for the solution. :D
I tried it, and worked like a charm! wallpaper photo resizing went back to normal.
I won't miss the "3-D" feature as it was lame and annoying to begin wi

How do you reduce the picture used as a home screen wallpaper in ios7

When I go to pick a picture I took on my iphone, the picture will not fit on the screen, it is too big, before the update it fit just fine, on iOS 7, I cannot use any of my pictures as my wallpapers.

Anyone having issues selecting a photo as their wallpaper?  When I try to scale, it will not allow the photo to shrink. If I select the photo as is, the wallpaper becomes larger than it actually

Is anyone else having this problem and/or found a solution?

After update, wallpaper stretchs larger than image.  Unable to resize smaller to fit screen.  My photo only measures 24k @ 261x231 and is HUGE; bigger than the screen can accommodatem (shrin

my iphone 4 IS NOT WORKING . A wallpaper with 'connect to itunes' is appearing constantly 1

The Brightness and wallpaper setting of my iphone 5 will not open. All other settings open and work fine. What could be the problem?

Yesterday my iphone 4 to update the software to version ios 6. Missing my favorite wallpaper with peony flower. Help me get them back!!Thank you!

apple iphone should get live wallpaper...its an awesome thing to have

Hi this is driving me crazy.. When i used my iphone 4 for the first time there was a grey wallpaper with the word "iPhone" and it has a "i" simbol bellow then i started to setting out my iphone and ne

lock screen wallpaper wont set, done soft reset still nothing... only set to home wallpaperAnybody else....

Hi Are there any plan to allow iphones to have an animated wallpaper, i used to have them on my Sony Ericsson and would love them on my iphone 4 (and whatever iphone comes next!)

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