iPhone ios7 uses my battery

So ive checked on every forums and tried every thing proposed and  i still cant get more than 4h of battery life.I was wondering if apple could do anything about it.It started to have poor life t

ios7 battery

My battery is draining too fast. Any ideas?

My phone died out at night and when i attempted to charge it it would respond not even by displaying the empty battery, what's the solution please

I think my battery life is not healthy. I need to charge my phone twice a day. I do not know what can I do

There are many icons inside the new weather app in iPhone update ios7 which are difficult to understand. Can you confirm our best guess that the weather for Wednesday and Thursday will be windy? Hope

My iphone all of the sudden just started to drain the battery at a ridiculous rate.  I have shut down all my apps, etc. and it doesn't make any difference.  It is ridiculous!

My mom in LA buy this iphone 5s gold 64gb then after buy iphone she send the iphone in the philippines and i find out that my battery is veryfast drain :( and my fingerprints malfunction sometimes :(

Hi everyone Recently my iPhone start to turn off while the battery is 4% left. It use to be last long until 1%and even with 1% I could use for atleast more than 15min.Any suggestions? I recently

I've had an iPhone 4s (verizon) for about 2 years.  The battery has suddenly gotten really really poor.  In the last month I've had to carry around an external battery pack around wi

How much is a battery for an iPhone five

Okay so I've forgotten my iPhone 5 ios7 password and now it's locked out so that I have to connect it to iTunes. I can't connect it to iTunes though for at least a week because I'm awa

I upraded to ios7 on my iphone 4s, now I can't find one of my applications on the screen.  I can see it in settings, and I can see it as "open" in my app store, but I have looked through ever

I hav just upgrade my iphone 4 to ios7, and it's hanging a lot there are latency. What should I do. I want to downgrade this ios 7

My son dropped his phone in water and tried to dry it out in rice.  After charging the phone shows low battery but nothing else happens.  I took the phone to the local AT &T store an

The title describes it all.  Does leaving your iPhone on a dock unplugged drain the iPhone battery or affect it in any way? Because I called Apple twice. One person said it does, and the other sa

Hello, I'm having some problems with my new iphone (4s) and I need some assissstance. I recently received a new iphone via insurance (My old iphone broke) and it wont turn back on. I first noticed

Hi, My phone get about 4h of battery life for usage with a total of 6-12h standby. It used to be alot more, is it just ios7.1 that is broken or can I check somewhere if it might be my battery tha

Will a Iphone 5 battery fit in a 5s?

so basically this problem got serious these days on my iphone 5s.it was perfectly fine before the ios 7.1 update but now its really bad. I fully charged my iphone on 2pm and the battery remain 19% on

Hello guys :)) I'm just concerned leaving my iPhone charging last night (iPhone 5s). it overcharged I think for about 5 hours. Will it affect the battery life of my phone?? I have read many articl

Got a replacement phone 3 months ago , and surprise : the phone shuts down when the battery is between 8 - 12 % . I followed all the advices offered over the phone , nothing . Booked an instore a

iPhone 4S updated to iOS 7.1 a couple weeks ago. phone has worked fine until yesterday. I do not believe this is a hardware issue since everything worked fine up until yesterday. phone is about 1.5 ye

where can i get my iphone battery changed

iphone 5, frame bent by my son.  lcd cracked. removed hardware and installed entire phone into new frame.(not fun)  New LCD easy.  All functions work fine. phone, camera, mic, controls,

I recently imported Now 87 Disc 1 onto my iPhone 4S with ios7.1. I imported the music onto my PC with iTunes 11 and put it onto my iPhone with CopyTrans Manager v1.002. I opened the Music app on my iP

I was on ios7, without any change on the phone or router, one day I couldn't connect to my home WiFi anymore or any other WiFi networks. At the beginning it can't connect to any network net al