why ios7 show charging icon but my phone is not charging at all

A long time ago my iPhone 4 home button broke. So I installed the on-screen home button which is inconvenient but works just fine. Today, however, the iphone screen went black. The phone won't cha

ios7 show charging icon phone charging

How do I unlock my phone pass code I set one and I forgot it last night?

Dear All, My apple iphone 4s bought in Singapore was suddently on fire while charging. I was using the apple charger which was also burnt. Please note that it happened in London. Now i li

I have updated my iphone this evening and is has asked me to connect my phone to itunes, I connected it to a computer with itunes and it says it needs restoring? and all my images etcwill be earsed I

Not sure why my phone won't charge unless it's plugged into an outlet.  Computer says unrecognizable device, sometimes it will charge for a couple seconds then will stop charging.  W

I've had many IPhones, I brought my iPhone 5 the middle of October last year. The battery was fine and everything worked fairly well, around a week ago it started to drain fast. My battery went to

i am using iphone 5 and still under contract with ATT services. the phone has suddenly some technical issue. when i call some one or some one calls me, if i i turn on th emusic anything that hass to d

dose anybody know the address to send a phone back to apple?

My iphone is disabled when i connect to itunes it still wont let me type my password in?

Take it back to the shop and get a refund.There is nothing you can do with out previous owner's AppleID andpassword.-> http://support.apple.com/kb/ts4515

the crapy new update crashed my phone and lost ALL my pics,is there any way of eating them back

So recently my official Apple charging lead broke and I had to buy a new one (cheap one off of Amazon). This worked fine for a while before it broke and wouldn't work. After this I started using m

Apple refused to fix my phone as they said it's been modified, I got this phone as an upgrade through EE. They have said phones come directly from iPhone, I have not had repaired it's been fin

I need help!.-. Because I purchased two phone for 400 and the owners don't know the password or emails but I checked the esn to see if it was clean and they both are clean . They aren't stolen

Can i get a replacement phone im still on the warranty but i hate having cracked edges on my phone

I switched to a Gz comando phone and i cant get texts all the time and i cant figure out how to take my number off of my apple ID Its really frustrating. does any one know how to do this? i already tu

My iclould doesn't seem to be working. I have downloaded the most recent itunes update, but I can't seem to get it on my iphone 4S.  Can someone help me?

I updated my phone lastnight/this morining and it wasnt like a normal update. first it had me connect to iTunes and it said it had to be restored to factory settings. I dont see the point of an update

hello, my name is Ksenia matukhnov.I live in israel. in  29 of january  I bought  2 iPhone from youor market.one week after the extend to using stopped working. phone turned on and stop

Hi my iphone 5 screen is very damaged.  It is badly cracked. I want to access the contacts on the phone that for whatever reason aren't backed up on icloud.  when plugging the phone

How can I remove itune and charger icon from my iphone 4s screen and allow access. While downloading the lastest version of iune my iphone was being charged. The phone do not allow access anymore.

my iphone5s friend bought for my birthday gift and I drop it and phone never turn on again I can read imdi number from the back but how can i find out which shop or carrier cover this iPhone for swap

i try to restore my iphone 5 but itunes keeps giving me an error message saying that the connection was reset and to try again later. can someone please help me i've locked myself out of my phone

So this happened suddenly out of the blue last night, I've had the iPhone for a while now and have never had any issues with it till now. Am attaching a picture to show you what screen I get.

My phone asks to update iOS 7.1.1 I went out and updated as requested and suddenly my phone off and is asking to connect to itunes what do I do? connected with itunes but there asks for nothing

Does anyone have a black apple when they turn there phone off and on?

I am having trouble trying to restore my ihpone. I cannot get it to restore in itunes, error 21. When my phone is on it always searches for a signal but never finds one. It only turns on when plugged

Hi. I tried to charge my iPhone 4 today however it didn't appear to be charging. I tried different cables, chargers, computers, turning the phone on and off - including holding the home button and

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