how do my calendar events on ipad keep disappearing

some how my ipad and iphone synced together I want them not to be synced because I can not send or receive messages from other Iphones and the only text messages I can receive is the ones from Android

calendar events ipad disappearing

Why is iMessage not syncing between ipad  & iPhone? Thought they were in real time between devices?

I have an iPhone5. Before my company installed Airwatch on my phone, I went back and forth using the security code function; now I'm required to use it. Since this installation, I've noti

I have had my ipad ("The New ipad") since it came out a few years ago. I never had a problem with the far wifi range I have while I am in my living room. I also have an iPod touch which hasn't had

I paid to get my UDID activated, and I received confirmation in June 2013.  Now that ios8 is out, I would like to know if my UDID is still activated or did it stop in December 2013.

I just noticed today that my calendar suddenly erased all my entries, and I'm now unable to entere them in.  The + sign in the upper right of the screen is greyed out and I can't use it.&

Hello, following the issues with this big cyber virus - The White House are on - you know it's serious! My family and I are all Apple users - I pad and I phone - do we need to beaware? A

Can I transfer my data from my android phone(Samsung infuse) to an iPhone I.e my calendar ,pics and contacts ? And how difficult is it?

Since I can eliminate of "my iPhone looks" for a device from the ipad? Not for theft, if not for eliminating it simply.

My iphone iMessages has stopped syncing to my ipad. However for the same contact, my ipad messages are syncing to my iphone. Nothing has changed on my configuration.  Any ideas  on a fix ?&#

Ok so, I recently lost my phone while I was on my vacation. I have an ipad and I was wondering if I could back up the pictures from my iphone to my ipad even if I don't have it. They are synced to

my brother smashed his iPhone 5c screen and got the phone replaced & he went to set it up and chose iCloud backup from ipad & when it finished backup he realised half of his photos wer

Hi, I recently got an ipad air. Singed in for new registration with cc details as I had no other optionI already own an iPhone and also my husband owns one. Both have same Apple ID to sync with iCloud

New to Iphone. Just purchased a calendar app and downloaded to my computer but cannot find how to get it onto my iphone. It is not showing up on the APP store in my phone under purchases.

Hi. This is the first time since I knew apple devices..I own - iPhone 4 with iOS 5.1          - iPhone 4 with iOS 7.0.4      

Lately, randomly, my IPhone has been saying my storage is full. When I look at the usage none of the app data has changed... As in nothing is registering taking up more space. All I have to do is turn

I have downloaded google search app into my ipad but i cannot download to my iphone.  At the AppStore I can see google search app but it does not allow me to download it, i.e the download icon is

I tried to restore my settings for an iPhone4 from the cloud because I thought I had all my iPhone data up there, but only my ipad stuff was on the cloud. Now I've got my ipad apps loaded onto the

Hi,  I have an iPhone 4S and run the latest iOS. I want the calendar app to mark days with appointments so that I can see them in the Month view. Also, I don't want to have to selec

Is it safe to use the ipad mains charger for the iPhone too or should I have to take both mains chargers with me when I travel?

Recently, my notes stopped syncing between my iPhone 4S and ipad (3rd gen). I've never had this issue before. When I try to turn on Notes under the iCloud settings, it says "Create a free @icloud.

I've tried the basics I literally need a step by step of what to do

Can I backup my iphone 4s contacts onto my ipad?

I am using a iPhone 4S and I'm using a duplicate charger not the original charger. I use the same charger to charge my phone and it's working perfectly. It has been working with my iPhone as w

Im using iPhone 5s-iOS 7.1.1, I had edited a numbers file on the phone, as soon as it synced with my ipad3-ios6, it became inaccessible on both iPhone and ipad, it keeps saying unexpected format.

When I have an outstanding reminder in the ios reminders app I get a badge showing on my ipad but no badge showing on my iphone. Is there a way around this as I have it set up in notification centre o

Push isn't working for my email on iPhone and ipad for aol carrier

Is there a setting to get calendar in ios 7 to open to the current date. Mine seems hit or miss.  Thanks for any help.PK

Do I need a converter in addition to an adapter to charge my phone and ipad mini in France?

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