i cant find the private browsing on my iPad since i upgraded

My iphone is lock an apple id
i lost my id

find private browsing iPad upgraded

Models : iPhone 4S
I know we need itunes to connect iphone to windows. But my itunes is not working I found this by google iphone drivers. is it a scam? http://www.official-drivers.com/

Models : iPhone 4S
My iphone 4s was stolen last week. I know i can find it by locate it on my imac. But i don't know how. http://www.official-drivers.com/

find my iPhone - why can I not find my iPhone when I leave my house and not connected to wifi? I have cellular data but for some reason the app still will not find my iPhone. Is this a fault on the ap

I forgot my password so wanted to restore to factory settings so another family member could have the phone. But it's still linked to find my iphone so will not restore on iTunes until I have remo

i heard that i could do it from my laptop it is a acer

I could not found Siri option in my phone4s .i recently upgraded to iOS 7.1.1

I. Could not get option for Siri in my phone .i recently upgraded to iOS 7.1.1

my iphone has been lost in my house and i need to find a way to track it and its offline. it wont connect to the internet so there isnt a way to use find my iphone. i just want to play a sound on it.

I stole my iphone, and they use the app to find my iphone but it says no connection, I should aser

I can´t download skype to my  IPHONE5, I can´t find it in the App Store, do you know why?

I am using iPhone 5S on iOs 7.0.2 I am conducting an event where I want to send invitations to almost all my contacts. since there is daily limit on the number of Text Messages I can send ou

some how my ipad and iphone synced together I want them not to be synced because I can not send or receive messages from other Iphones and the only text messages I can receive is the ones from Android

On find my friends app it shows find my location from two devices I deleted them both I had gone through a few different iPhones is that a bad thing I deleted them off of find my friends

Why is iMessage not syncing between ipad  & iPhone? Thought they were in real time between devices?

Hi, my brother bought new phone and restored wrong backup image. Apple ID password is forgotten. resetting via email or birthday isn't working. Now he is now unable to restore different backup, un

My iPhone does not hold a charge.  It was stolen last night.  find my iPhone app shows it offline. Will it shoe online once it is plugged into the charger?

It really does suck, I haven't had it in three days. The whole thing is dead, and it says it's offline... I want to find the last known location. Help?

I have had my ipad ("The New ipad") since it came out a few years ago. I never had a problem with the far wifi range I have while I am in my living room. I also have an iPod touch which hasn't had

My iPhone 4s has gone dark (black screen) I cannot turn it off, therefore preventing me from reseting it from my computer (asks me to turn off "find my phone" on the device). I can receive calls by an

Can anyone help me I've tried to get help but no luck

Does anyone know where I can find the files of my photos I once had on my iPhone 5 that I backed up to my mbp are? I'd like to save them on a seperate flash. Thanks.

facetime disappered after i upgraded ios version in my iphone 5c how can i get it back model ME499AE/A

I wanna download an app without providing payment details.But unable to find the 'no payment' option on the page.What should I do?

buenas noches, Por favor ayudenmeme ACABAN de robar y quiero del Rastrear mi celularno solo x el celular porción tambien sino-el resto de Cosas q llevaba en la cestara, ayudenmepor favor!!help me

I have tried everthing I know to get my picture to show on 'find My Friends' app. All enabled under privacy - contacts, picture associated with my contact details (log in email is associa

I have had to hand in my company phone (iPhone 5) and completed a reset before doing so in the hope that I would find my pictures and contacts again but they are now gone. Is there a way I could resto

My iPhone 5s will connect to 3G and wifi but will not find the standand 2g signal for calls and text. SIM card works fine in iphone 4? Help please

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