i cant find the private browsing on my iPad since i upgraded

So I have an ipad mini and I lost it without find my ipad I don't know what to do if you know what to do please help :'(

find private browsing iPad upgraded

siri works fine on two apple products but is dissapeard from my husbands older iphone 4 It ie nit in the settings and holding the hone button leasds to voice command, Help Language is correct i checke

Where can I find the date of activation of My Account APPLE ID ?

I'm about to upgrade to an iphone 5 and I'm going to give my iPhone 4 to my 6yearold son to use as a music player and game player. Can I use the find-my-iPhone app to keep track of him if the

As asking, I want to check my iPhone route in last 3 hours, want to know where it's gone or visited. Is it possible to do that?

Pourquoi mes raccourcis clavier disparus... Avant quand j'allais dans Réglages > général > clavier > ajouter un raccourci... Je pouvais créer un raccourci

Hi, I have lost my iphone and i erased the data through find my iphone service . Can I destroy the iphone hardware somehow?

My iPhone 4S is not charging either in wall or on computer (USB) - numerous chargers used - all chargers will charge other devices eg ipad and other iPhone 4S Phone was on 1% and then died - won&

I have an iphone 5c model A1507, and 4 days ago the clock was delayed without reaseon. I did not find an explication. already tried to restart, make backup, but wihtout sucess. What i need to do?

I lost my iPhone 4 yesterday, and usually it isn't a problem because I locate it with the iCloud. I have used it before, but now it says "offline" for the device. I know for a fact it's eithe

my iphone 4s is in for repair and i didn't realise i had to turn off find my phone setting... they can't repair it until it is done

Certain apps seem to keep collecting data. Why can't I just go to settings-->usage and delete it?

I've downloaded three apps, but they're not on my phone. When I connected my phone to my mac to uninstall these non-existent apps and reinstall them, some glitch moved some of my other apps ar

How does the find my phone app work?

Hi, my iphone 5s only has around 4 hours of battery life and goes from 100% to 10% in around 3 and a half hours of not even heavy using.  I think it is the batteries fault because i was just brow

find the owner of the Iphone 5 Black  to unlock icloudPlease! Thank! <Edited by Host>

Hi, so today I lost my iphone and later found it but when I was using the find My Iphone app to find it, it pointed me to a house that I did not actually find it at.  I am very disappointed with

Hi. I am new to this forum and need some help so I will try to provide as much info as possible. I'm hoping someone can help me. Sorry if my post is really long. I recently upgraded my PC to

Please help ! My Iphone 5 is restarting during a call or internet browsing, o just simply browsing the meniu. I can not us it any more ! It is functioning max 5 minutes. I have tried to restore i

Why most of apple say "FORGET THIS DEVICE" if it doesnt wanna connect

How do I locate a stolen lost iPhone if I didn't install a app to find it?

I had a Lumia and now I bought iphone 4. When I first opend it I couldn't finde my phone numbers that are in my sim-card from anywhere. Theres just some contacts there that I have put in my ipad.

I need to find my credit card info on my phone. Please help

I have a group chat that is 2 and half years old and I have never deleted any texts from.  How would I be able to go to the first message sent without clicking load earlier message. I did that fo

How will i find the softwares in my iphone 4 which i have installed???

Maps gives you the approximate address of the dropped pin and with that is the zipcode. Google search > Latitude and Longitude <zipcode>. That's the best your going to get with dropped pi

Is it possible to review the login history for the find my iphone app?  If not, will my iTunes login history show something similar?  Thanks in advance.

the new update for itunes on windows 8.1 wont worki cant syn any iphone i have or ipod it wont even show up i have one conected but in my computer it is conected and i can get pics of ithelp me please

My ipad 2 and iPhone 5 are not connecting properly to my new iMac.  They have connected with USB cable without issue over the last couple of days, but today, as soon as they connect to the cable

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