ipad wallpaper wont move and scale

ipad wallpaper move scale

Hello, 1) I dropped and cracked bottom of backshell of iphone4.2) Phone wont switch on now. 3) Apple logo appears then disappears when plug in to power socket4) The logo continues to appear the d

Hi guys. i had my iphone5 32gb plugged into a car socket. it wasnt an apple car charger but the usb wire was. next thing i no is there is smoke coming off the charge. my phone was fine and in working

4s wont boot up past apple logo and also wont restore on iTunes, showing unknown error (21)

My phone went dead yesterday so when i got home i plugged it in to charge it, it charged for like 2 min then went dead it keeps giving me two pictures on screen a battery and a picture of the cord wit

I take a lot of pictures, and i just recently bought some storage because i didnt have enough. So buying the storage, i thought i could take a picture. When i tried to, it said that i did not have eno

my iphone has been lost in my house and i need to find a way to track it and its offline. it wont connect to the internet so there isnt a way to use find my iphone. i just want to play a sound on it.

it doesnt even show the little symbol that tells you it needs to be plugged in, i press the lock button and that doesnt work either, the screen is completely black. i cleaned ut the socket with a pape

It will die then it will let me charge it only to 3%. Is it the battery or is it the IOS 7? Please help!!! I have already used different cables and outlets. I was able to fully charge it yesterday by

The switch that turns the ringer off on my 4s is very loose and is not as hard to change as  identical phones that friends have. Is this a problem that requires it to go in for repairs.

I hard reseted my phone and I had my friend call my phone but it still will not unfreeze my phone. can someone please help me with my phone?

Hi,My apps won't update. just keeps spinning then "update" comes back up. I currently have 12 apps waiting for updates.  I tried restarting. I have a strong wireless connetion plus I am now p

I removed it and now it seems to be stuck when it's almost all the way in. I've tried checking/removing any foreign objects but there doesn't seem to be any, and I'm definitely putting

i just got my iphone 5s bacc from a couple months ago  it wont turn on an i had it on the charger for a lil while now ... how will i be able too get it fixed ?? LMK ASAP please

some how my ipad and iphone synced together I want them not to be synced because I can not send or receive messages from other Iphones and the only text messages I can receive is the ones from Android

I have an iphone 4s and a ipad 2 they are both on ios 7.1.1. My ipad works with the 30 pin digital av adapter but my iphone wont. Is there any setting i might need to change on my iphone?

Why is iMessage not syncing between ipad  & iPhone? Thought they were in real time between devices?

A couple hours ago my phone was having issues connecting to my wifi automatically. When I went into Settings > Wifi my phone froze. I did a hard reset (holding down the top key and the home button)

Went to apple store yesterday as the mobile data was playing up on my phone. So they replaced. It was charging but they said thats fine take it away get to my friends plug it in and it just shows appl

I have had my ipad ("The New ipad") since it came out a few years ago. I never had a problem with the far wifi range I have while I am in my living room. I also have an iPod touch which hasn't had

Is my Iphone's battery dead when this happens?

All I did was text and play music for a little while.  At exactly 3:58 pm I sent a text I checked my  phone later at exactly 4:02 pm and it was black when I call it it wont ring. My ipod did

i tried to update my phone last night to the latest update and my screen went off. then the "connect to itunes" sign came up. it wont let me restart my phone. it wont let me do anything. helpppppppp

my iphone 4 keeps telling me i need to restore it on itunes and when i do my phone wont start up as normal and keeps coming up with the message that i need to connect it to itunes and i have repeated

Hi, My iPhone 5c screen moves quite a lot as if it may fall out? It did this from bnib.

Hello, following the issues with this big cyber virus - The White House are on - you know it's serious! My family and I are all Apple users - I pad and I phone - do we need to beaware? A

Since I can eliminate of "my iPhone looks" for a device from the ipad? Not for theft, if not for eliminating it simply.

My iphone 4s wont turn on, help please.

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