lock rotation on ipad ios7

I backpack and like to use my iPhone as my camera, GPS, media player etc.  With my iPhone 4, putting it in SIM lock and ensuring all apps were closed and GPS wasn't active, I would get at lea

lock rotation ipad ios7

i got iphone 5c  lock and iccid unknown  what that  mean

I have had my iPhone 5 since February, 2013. My lock button stopped working in October/November 2013, and my home button fell out in June 2014. Would I qualify for a replacement iPhone 5 for no cost i

hi i just bought a iphone 5s on the Internet, which still has warranty until November. the problem is not my icloud id. I would change it into a apple store? thanks

Hello Apple Support,  My iPhone 5 has been stolen and I want to lock the device totally. My Apple ID is **********Stolen Device Serial Number: DN*******TWDStolen Device EMEI: *********.

Thats no reason for that, lock button one day just stopped to work and the home button is floppy.

My lock button will not work, I cannot press it and lock my phone at all. Also the back of my phone is cracked towards the top near my camera. Only the top is cracked, about an inch to an inch and a h

How to lock my facebook,messenger,whatsapp and twitter app??

Hi Sooo this afternoon after having just made a call (30-60 seconds prior) I tried to use my phone.Somehow my screen was stuck and would not let me swipe between my pages. After that the screen s

lock botton is very lose an make noise

i purchased iphone 5s new box pack it worked only one month when i upgrade its firmware it displayed enter your id J.....@hotmail.com now it is lock please help me

some how my ipad and iphone synced together I want them not to be synced because I can not send or receive messages from other Iphones and the only text messages I can receive is the ones from Android

I have an iphone 4s with ios7. Does it work with 4g? If not what i can do to upgrade it?

Why is iMessage not syncing between ipad  & iPhone? Thought they were in real time between devices?

himy name is mohammad from iran(persian)i cant speake english welli bought an iphone5 second hand from swedish person who travel to iran because it is too expensive in iran a new one about(900-1000$)

I have had my ipad ("The New ipad") since it came out a few years ago. I never had a problem with the far wifi range I have while I am in my living room. I also have an iPod touch which hasn't had

att approved unlock for iphone 5s. did reset but still not reading the my tmobile sim? do i need active att sim card to do reset?

My iPhone 4 wouldn't respond so I locked my phone and now it won't display the lock screen when I try to unlock it, it still vibrates when I plug it in though. Help?

Hello, I recntly got a Black iPhone 5s 16gb and it was working fine. Then sudenly the camera app started crashing after i took photos. Soon later the camera app wont open at all and if i try opening f

Hello, following the issues with this big cyber virus - The White House are on - you know it's serious! My family and I are all Apple users - I pad and I phone - do we need to beaware? A

Dear Sir/Madam, I would like to inform you that, I am facing problem in my lock key since from the last one year after apple change my i phone 5 due to sparking problem in phone at the time of ch

my lock button dose not work& my settings are no where to be found i have searched my whole phone what is going on with my phone & how do i fix it ?

i cant fit my picture to my lock screen after i updated to iso7 and im actually really annoyed. I heard its just a glitch but is there anyway to fix it?

From time to time my Iphone 5S lock button just doesnt respond for a period of minutes until i restart.. anyone else having this problem. I know the Iphone 5 did have this problem.

Since I can eliminate of "my iPhone looks" for a device from the ipad? Not for theft, if not for eliminating it simply.

There is no option for current location weather In my iOS 7 weather app

i have a broken lock button,extrememly cracked screen and currently the left side of the touch screen isnt workingand the battery needs to be charged 3 times a day.how much would it be to fix all of t

Just two days ago the lock button on my iphone5 has stopped working. With assistive touch I was able to get the screen to lock. Is there a fix for this known issue. Is it covered even if the phone is

My lock button has stop working what do I do..... It will not lock

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