why am i losing my ipad notes

I am trying to open notes on my iphone4 but suddenly it does not open!! It just flashes & goes back off!! How to open notes and get my notes inside?? Thanks for help in advance

losing ipad notes

I used to be able to use the microphone in the "notes" app on my I5 to add text - the mic symbol is there, but it doesn't activate.  SIRI and Msg mic works fine!I recently downloaded the ne O

So I have an ipad mini and I lost it without find my ipad I don't know what to do if you know what to do please help :'(

siri works fine on two apple products but is dissapeard from my husbands older iphone 4 It ie nit in the settings and holding the hone button leasds to voice command, Help Language is correct i checke

Pourquoi mes raccourcis clavier disparus... Avant quand j'allais dans Réglages > général > clavier > ajouter un raccourci... Je pouvais créer un raccourci

YOU ACCIDENTALLY DELETED 'APPLE notes' DEFAULT MAIL ACCOUNT... OR JUST LOST ALL YOUR notes? Okay so after an hour on apple support chat and getting no where at all... this is what I did:&

My iPhone 4S is not charging either in wall or on computer (USB) - numerous chargers used - all chargers will charge other devices eg ipad and other iPhone 4S Phone was on 1% and then died - won&

Certain apps seem to keep collecting data. Why can't I just go to settings-->usage and delete it?

um i have lock my iphone i want to unlock it with out losing any memory such as photos text messages contacts apps and more

Why most of apple say "FORGET THIS DEVICE" if it doesnt wanna connect

Hey guys just a quick question im thinking of restoring  iphone 5s but i dont want to lose my texts is their away to back them up.

my iPhone 4S is smashed, I was able to retrieve the SIM card but I understand it only contains phone number, etc. Is there any way of retrieving my music, contacts, photos, calendar or notes? The phon

Last night I sent a text to my sister at 8:00 and my contacts were there, when she responded at 8:36 they were gone and so are my notes.

In the past week or so, my iphone 4s hasn't been able to find signal in various areas of my house, when previously it would work fine. Nothing has changed regarding my router, or anything on that

My ipad 2 and iPhone 5 are not connecting properly to my new iMac.  They have connected with USB cable without issue over the last couple of days, but today, as soon as they connect to the cable

I just recently got a new iphone 5c because my old one wont turn on and i am wondering if there is anyway to get my notes from the old phone through itunes?

How do I get my iphone 4s to go to speaker audio when not on phone...ie. listening back to notes I have recorded? It seems I can only access the speaker when I am on the phone.   Much thanks

How do I get my iPhone messages to show up again on my ipad. I did a backup and then restore to my phone.  I then did a backup on my ipad.

Can I "undo" an accidental text delete in "notes"?

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I've accidentally deleted a page in notes. Is there any way I can retrieve the information on the page?

Can iphone 5 charger purchased in US be used in Jordan and Egypt?  Or do I need a converter?The same question for an ipad 2.

The onboard notes app lists my notes alphabetically on my macbook air, but not on my iPhone or ipad. Can't find a way to list them alphabetically on all devices, as I would like. Find it quite ann

Recently, I lost all events on my Iphone, and can't even add an event, but it shows on my mini-pad. Please advise

When I used to block someone on my iPhone, I would still recieve their messages on my MacBook, yet now when I block someone... I don't have that happen. Is this a fluke or does it also block them

When I try to download any app , my ipad reboots itself the says " Can't download app at this time " , it has been doing this for a month.

I have had an iPhone for a while and I just purchased an ipad.  I do not want all the apps which I've downloaded to my ipad to sync with my iPhone because they take up too much room, are not

When I select text, I don't get an arrow with additional options. What is shown in the image are the only options I get. Is there something I need to do in Settings or something in order to be abl

I have 10GB of Other Data on my phone.  If I restore from backup, all of the Other data is still there.  Do I understand correctly, that I can restore to factory settings and then load all o

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