Question : iPhone 4S Stuck at boot showing NAND

2012-07-16 00:11:02

A friend of mine dropped his iPhone 4S in his pool. After drying it out with rice for a while, it got stuck in a boot/reboot cycle. That was a month or two ago. Today, he plugged it in and turned it on, and it got stuck at the boot logo and showed some scrolling text.


[NAND]_FindFlashMediaAndKeepout :572 physical nand block offset 1

[NAND] start :343 this 0x81c0e900 PROVIDER=0x81c04c80 flashMedia=0x81c84c80

[NAND] WMR_Start : 145 Apple PPN NAND Driver , Read/Write

[NAND] WNR_Start : 170 FIL_Init   [OK]

[NAND] WNR_Open : 367 VFL_Open          [OK]

[NAND] WNR_Open : 410 FIL_Open       [OK]

[NAND] _ppnvflGetStruct :3239 Checking borrowed blocks - count: 44 max_count: 44

[NAND] _fetch BorrowedList:789 number of borrowed blocks 37


This is what it looks like:

iPhone 4S Stuck at boot showing NAND


What does this mean? Is there any hope for the phone?

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Answers : iPhone 4S Stuck at boot showing NAND

2012-07-16 00:11:02

It's toast. If it wasn't jailbroken, take it to the Apple Store and get it replaced. An out of warranty replacement for a 4S is $199.


If it was jailbroken, throw it in the trash and buy a new one.

2012-07-16 00:11:02

No,Dont throw it away. Try all the basic troubleshotting tips.. Does any of the buttons still work? What happens you you plugg it up , does itunes detect it? Also try pressing the home and power butto together to do a hard reset and see if that happens. all that is happeneing is it is doing a verbose boot. Where it shos all the command lines.

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