Question : iPhone 5 lagging and group messages.

2012-10-15 06:17:03

i got my iphone the day it came out and it has been lagging and even freezing on me. when i scroll through my pages and sometimes exit an app it slows down and even stops working sometimes. i also have a problem with my group messages. i get my notifications 30 seconds after the message comes in. its very annoying because ill be in my imessage app and the notification pops up after i have already responded to the message. any help or tips please? i dont have too many apps and i have around 6 GB of space left so i dont have too much stuff. and i dont have apps running in the backgroup when this stuff happens. im on AT&T if that helps. anything i can do please help.

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Answers : iPhone 5 lagging and group messages.

2012-10-15 06:17:03

I also have this problem but on the messaging app it will lock up and become unresponsive for 30 seconds or so even when the lock or home buttons are pressed


Any ideas?

2012-10-15 06:17:03

I'm having a similar problem with my iPhone 4S! My 4S would lag horribly when I'm being bombarded with text message in the Group Message. It has gotten to points where the phone would freeze for a good 5 seconds. I'm extremely upset, this problem has never occured before and the 4S is supposed to still be able to keep up as of speed. I'm not sure if this was is a software issue or not, but I hope it is just an iOS6 issue that can be patched. I didn't have this problem when I was on iOS5. I also didn't spend $700 on a phone that's supposedly the fastest iPhone as little as a year ago, and now it's lagging like it's 2 generations behind.


Please, can someone help.

2012-10-15 06:17:03

I have the same problem. It's lagging like the phone is "thinking" while im trying to make calls or type/read messages. In addition, the cellular signal keeps disappearing in my room when ive known my room to have good reception with the iphone 3 and 4.


Would be interested to know if i got a lemon. Or maybe this is a software issue that can be fixed with a patch.

2012-10-15 06:17:03

I think I've figured out my problem! My iPhone 4S starts lagging really bad in framrate when I receive a single text! Here's how I tested it. I used Messages on my mac to send imessages to my phone. I would send about 12 at a time in a row. As I'm doing this, I'm on my home page of the iPhone 4S flipping through my different pages of apps to check the fluidity of the interface. As I am flipping, the lag gets really bad as the phone is receiving the iMessages; it becomes choppy. I also found a forum mentioning that the issue was the "Banner Notification", but I tested that by turning Banners off. Even with the banners off the phone has terrible lag... Is this normal? I've never had this problem before..

2012-10-15 06:17:03

Apple? Is anything being done about this? It's prity poor I get a brand new phone that lags and freezes and needs to be restarted every few days to keep it happy.  And yet we don't even get a response saying we're working on it. Thanks then.......

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