Question : My IPhone froze during IOS6 update. iPhone 4S

2012-09-21 18:11:02

I know this is long but I want you to know exactly what I've done. 

I tried to do the IOS 6.0 update last night while connected to ITunes.  I had to update my ITunes first.  4 hours later, the update hadn't completed the download so I left it running overnight.  This morning it was exactly where it was when I went to bed.  I ended up having to download other updates to Kindle and 60 Minutes apps before it would finish the IOS 6 upgrade.  It then  completed the download and said it was going to install.   I left it plugged in and went to work.  I came home at lunch time 6 hours later and there it sat - it hadn't done anything but say "installing" since I left.   I couldn't exit out of ITunes so I unplugged my phone.  Then i get a picture of the usb cord and the apple on my screen and it won't let me do anything.  I plugged it back in and I got a message that said an error ocurred during update and I had to restore to factory settings.   (Luckily I have a good backup!!)  I clicked restore to factory settings at 12:30 p.m.  it's now 5:51 pm and it hasn't budged.....the bar in Itunes says Restoring iPhone software and it's about 3/4 of the way my phone is showing 1/3 of the way and again, I can't do anything!

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Answers : My IPhone froze during IOS6 update. iPhone 4S

2012-09-21 18:11:02

ok - just got somewhere with this.  I set my computer up to NEVER sleep and that seems to have done the trick.  I still had to restore and then it gave me the option to restore from the backup I thankfully made earlier in the week!  The restore went smoothly and it would appear I'll be back in business shortly....


Apple....what a freaking ordeal!!!

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