i cant activate my iphone

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I can't activate my iphone 4S.  It asks for the original owner's Apple ID and Password and shows the owner's phone number.  I called the number and was told by the responder that

i forgot my phone passode so i used track my phone to restart as your instructions said and i am getting this problem when i try to activate it ; your phone could not be activated beacause the activat

I just started an apple ID WITHOUT credit card but I signed up on my computer. Now I'm having trouble signing into my ipod because it is stating that "the apple ID doesn't exist". How do I act

Hello dear apple store as I have if I have burned WiFi and gsm modules and need to activate iphone 5 a1498 , please tell me what I should do.  Thanks in advance.

And i tried calling 112, but that didnt work and i bought a sim and tried to activate it using itunes and that didnt work either.

My iphone 5 dosent ask for a Apple I.D but asks for a sim to activate it ..is it iCloud blocked ??

I am not able to activate my new phone, it says that the phone configuration is incorrect.  Can I fix this problem?

Hello, I am looking to start service with FreedomPop using a phone. They currently only sell the iphone 5, but say the 4 and 4s are okay to bring to the network. They even told me the 5S and 5C were n

I want Apple to patch the iphone iMessages error in iOS 7.1.2

I worked for my phone Rstn months ago, and when the process of activating the iphone asked me my own icloud recalled how I forgot my account with hemorrhoid and safety questions Ask that you will kind

Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to help you. This is a user-to-user forum hosted by Apple. Contact eBay and/or your credit card company to file a claim against the seller if he/she adve

what if the past owner of my iphone 5s is not there and i cant contact him can i still activate the iphone?

Hi, I bought the phone from Cricket US. I'm now abroad in Asia where only GSM network is available. So here's the story, I turned on the phone and connected to WiFi, it activates without

i cant activat my iphone it is asking me to verify  the phone number but it is not my number the number belongs to some one in  florida dont no y they never owned the phone what can i do

My 5s is broken so I have get a new one. A friend will have the old one so I have restored it, but, I cant activate it, the phone (and iTunes) says that it cant reach the activation servers). The prob

how to activate iphone4 without sim card

i dont know how remove i the activate iphone because i forgot my first and i create a new one and i reset my iphone and now its show the activate iphone plss help me

how can i activate my iphone 4s locked?

how do i activate an iphone thats been used with someones apple id that someon know longer knows

am using iphone 5 i cant acces vpn in my phone can you help me to acces vpn

I was trying to update my iphone to the 7.1.1 update and after it finished it asked me to connect it to itunes, i did and now it wants me to activate it through icloud and i do not know my apple id or

i brought phone of friend and stuck on activate iphone page now cant get hold of friend so need help

my iMessage won't work and keeps saying there is an error and to check my network. also I tried to change my password on Apple ID but I have forgotten the answer to my security question? nightmare

icant activate my phone device unknown error

How can i activate my iphone 4 with no sim card