i cant activate my iphone

It's asking to insert a sim. I paid 650 for the dang phone... What gives?

activate iphone

please help me to activate my iphone 4 softbank, iphone for now I am just in the activation only mode, please help me for activation iphone 4

Hi every one. I have problem with wifi after update my iphone 4s to 7.1 ios , i cant activate the wifi it´s stay always like shadow , i restor it with itunes but same issue.  ??? Solution fo

im trying to set up my old iphone to my moms itunes but its saying it is registered to my account how do i deactivate it?

Please I need as many replies as possible that can help me please !!!!

its really annoying, it worked fine before i had a sim swap

Please. If anyone here knows what to do. Badly need your respond. Here's the case: I accidentally disabled my iphone 5 because I typed in the wrong passcode. After several attempts, I panicke

my iphone said need an apple  email to activate the phone what i do ?

my imessage wont activate with my mobile number ive been trying for over 12 hours

I'm stuck on activation screen because my phone won't accept my password for my apple i.d. I reformat and reset and updated everything but it still wont go through..please help

Everytime i try to download an app it says my account is disabled what do i do

hello im having truoble turning on my iphone5c it just stays on logo and will not restore help

Good Day!             I am using an iphone 5 and the second owner of the phone. I cannot contact the previous owner. I accidentally deactivated t

i purchased a iphone 4s second hand i ran an imei check to see if it had been reported stolen it hadnt but i still cant activate the phone and i have no contact with the original owner

my phone was in repair, i cant activate my phone using my apple id.Pls help? thank u Bhim

Hi! iphone 4 is not working after terminating the contract from its network provider (at&t). Im back in the Philippines trying to use the device but there is no signal and no service indicate

Whenever I try to login to iMessage though settings it doesn't work and says activation failed try again later

Do I need a SIM card or no? I dont have one at the moment.

I have Consumer Cellular as my provider on my iphone 5C.  Since upgrading to new software, I can only access the internet with wireless option.  Outside of wireless I receive "Could not acti

i found a iphone 5 with a broken screen i replaced the screen now cant activate it. is there a way i can contact the owner to work something out.

How to activate iphone 5 without sim card?

I try to activate my apple account and tells me I can not activate this iphone but this is the only account that I have and which I have previously turned to ios 7.0.6 beta without problems and now wi

hi i have a iphone i cant activate cause i turn on the "find My iphone" than  i reset it now i cant activate it. i need help

Hello support, My iphone S/N: DQ*******TWDDo I update to new iOS in use Carrier in Thailand?Please check for me, thank you. Chettha TriyakunI <Personal Information Edited by Host>

restore because the update messed up my data

How can activate for facetime in iphone 4

My phone was saying searching since yesterday and I did everything from a soft reset to a network reset and nothing then tried to do a hard reset and it wouldn't let me so I went on phone my iPhon

got my new phone from insurance company when tried to activate the new phone,it always show that "sim card not installed"tried my sim card on other phones and it was oksince it's yet to activate,