amber alert on iphone

Hi,     My dad das an iphone 4s and some time in the last 2 weeks he has stopped getting alerts on text messages. This extends to audio form the music player also. I am a fairyl ad

amber alert iphone

I changed my password yesterday.  It recognized it right away (I downloaded an app just after changing it), but today the phone kept asking for my to enter the password and would not accept it. I

Why when trying to schedule an event in Calendar on my iphone and IPad can I not select to repeat every "10 days" or set to alert me "4 or 5 hours" in advance of event instead of the presets? On my la

I am aware that the iphone alarm will sound even if the phone is switched to silent. That’s a good thing in my opinion. Is there a way to enable sound for calendar alerts as well? I conside

Just got the new iphone 5s gold and updated it and everything even used my iphone 4s backup for all of my apps and I noticed the vibrate doesn't work when in silent mode for phone calls but it sti

I have an iphone 4 running Ios7.0.4 and the LED light doesn't work on the app or with alerts. It works fine a flash when taking a picture but doesn't work with video. Anything I can do or do I

I need an app or a feature on Mac, iphone, or iPad that will send me a push notification or some kind of alert every five minutes. I would rather not set up a million calendar alerts or alarms, a

I use my phone's Reminders app frequently and have started having problems with the "Remind me on a day" option.  Today I noticed that whenever I set a time and date for a reminder alert, it

How do you remove the Find my iphone alert on the lock screen

After iphone5 was updated to ios7, i have alert msg: "This cable or accessory is not certified and may not work reliably with this phone" does anyone know how to fix this? Thank you!

Have a brand new iphone 5S and Nano iPod. 5 days old.  Using original charging cord and getting message from both units that the cord is unsupported. Is the cord damaged somehow?  It looks f

Hello, I have a Iphone5s 64GB less than a month old.  Periodically my text alert sounds and keyboard clicks go away ... I have to turn the phone off and back on to get them back .. Any thoughts o

When someone rings or texts me, there is no sound.However the speaker works when I test it with music etc.I have the volume and ringer settings as loud as they can go, but there is still no sound!Also

IOS 7 :  while using non-Apple certified charger I receive the warning :"This cable or accessory is not certified...".  Now I bought and am currently using a genuine cable again (as a good g

my phone vibrates and sings out the alert tone for messages even when i'm on a line, talking. its quite annoying as u get continous beeps and ding dings when talking to your boss. is it a regular

My iphone 4 has started playing up, the external speaker works for ringtones and music etc but not for text, email, and app alerts. I have checked all the settings and these are fine and the mute swit

i have selected the sound "update" for my text messages, and it only works intermittently all of a sudden.  i have changed sounds to "minuet" with similar problem.  i have restarted and also

Models : iphone 4S
My friends that have other smart phones got it but I didn't. Am I supposed to get it

Cannot figure out how to set a sound alert for Find Friends notifications. I only get an alert banner but not sound which seems more useful when waiting for notifications.I have the latest version and

CAnnot get phone to ring or sound any notifications, checked buttons on side, checked settings, turned off n on, recharged. Any suggestions?

I rely on reminders - especially VOICE reminders. The app, AidaReminder, used to be able to play my recorded voice reminder even when the phone was locked. I need this capability - because it doesn

when i plug my iphone 5 into itunes it comes up with, "The iphone “Tina's iphone” cannot be used because it requires iTunes version 10.7 or later. Go to to download the

If I have a clock alert, it keeps ringing if left unattended.  There must be a way to ring for 30 seconds (or so) and then turn off.

How do I turn the Find My iphone alert button off on my iphone after I have found my phone?

sometimes (not always) my iphone doesn't ping when i have a message. i can't determine a pattern.  i've checked all settings and volume is at max.

Hi all,    I am using IDEA services for my Iphone4 mobile. As per the Service provider plan, I am getting a max limit of 512MB of 3G per month.Last week, I had set my phone for periodic

how?  i can't figure it out! thx

My iphone 4s 16gig Verizon  and I just recived an new update alert tonight Sunday November 4th 2012 ... I started the scheduled update... But, now won't finish the latest update? I shows on t

A little known update in iOS 6 is amber alerts and other emergency alerts. An amber alert was posted in my area but I did not receive an alert. I have the alerts on and notifications on. Is there some

If I selected to be notified when my friend leaves a location, do they also recieve any sort of notification or push that I set up the alert on them? Or when they leave the location?