apple iphone model a1332 emc 380b

apple iphone model a1332 emc 380b

I purchased an second-hand iphone 4s the original owner don't remove his his apple ID and password now he is in Italy and I am in Bangladesh he don't received my phone call so what can I do no

i messed up with my iphone5 and i forgot my iclound account, how can i reset it

I don't remember my icloud name or password what can I do to get it open

Got the got drunk and change my iphone pass code so my gf couldnt find out i was texting her sis now tottaly for get it

Date of birth: 14 /04/1990
Nationality: Ghanaian.
Occupation: Student.

I forget passwsrd how I can hard reset manually iphone 4 model 1387

i reformat my ipad mini, but when i open my ipad mini it requires the icloud account that unfortunately i forgot the password . how will i make a new account?

I have changed my SIM card and cannot access my iphone 4 as I have forgotten my original iCloud password that I set up iCloud on my phone. HELP PLEASE

My iphone 4s set up but i dont know my apple id and passward

Most of people forget their password of iphone sometimes. It happened to me a lot too. It is really a pity! I have bad memory. Fortunately, even it is locked, there still some ways for me to restore d

I have been an avid user of apple products, my first was the 1st generation Ipod in 2002 and it still works fine. I have 7 apple products and used to swear by them. Having said that the recent experie

Hello, 1) I dropped and cracked bottom of backshell of iphone4.2) Phone wont switch on now. 3) apple logo appears then disappears when plug in to power socket4) The logo continues to appear the d

Hey, I was just wondering if it's possible to exchange my iphone 4 to a newer model?I have experienced a lot of software and hardware related problems, is there a chance I could exchange it to a n

My iphone 4s is getting too hot to use and I am getting extreme battery drain. Every single feature is turned off and the phone has been replaced so many times because of these issues. Will apple

I've booked to see a genius but was just wondering if there was a fee ?

Hello all, I've recently discovered some issues with my iphone 5. The device thinks that headphones are plugged in, which they aren't. I would like to take my iphone to my local apple sto

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