backup corrupt or not compatible with the iphone that is being restored

So after iOS 7, I'm experiencing a lot of problems with my iphone 4 (8gb) with things like the storage filling up too easily with messages. I read a lot of articles online on how to fix the proble

backup corrupt compatible iphone restored

If I get a new iphone and a new phone number will data be restored to new phone from Itunes even though phone number is different?

I was told that I need to reset my iphone 4s, meaning I must wipe it clean.  There are corrupted files and issues with the operating system.  Apparently this happens often in the iphone 5.&#

I started to do a backup on my iphone 5s following a notice the device gave. but it was unsuccessful and in the first use of my iphone I saw my iphone battery drains drastically. I had upgraded the so

Hi all,  So I just had my iphone 5c replaced under warranty (faulty digitizer), and when trying to restore my computer backup to the new phone, it has twice had to shut down and be hard reset. Th

i smashed the front of my ihpone and the screen is black and unresponsive but its still on because it vibrates when i recieve a message but when trying to back it up itunes asks me to unlock my iphone

Please help!  I'm trying to set up my new iphone 5s and it won't let me use the backup from my 4s because the 4s has 7.1 on it and the 5s does not.  I set up my 5s as a new phone to

hey people i have restored my iphone 5s and it asks me for my app store passcode witch i ve forgot and it wont let me use the iphone

My iphone 5 stopped taking a charge. So I updated to 7.whatever & backed it up. It still would take a charge so I went through recovery mode. that seemed to complete (I've done it twice now) H

Is the North American 5w charger (house line to USB) compatible with use on European (240v) power if a proper plug adapter is used? In other words, can the charger deliver proper output if it is suppl

My dad and I decided to exchange phones. Mine was iphone 4 32gb, and his was iphone 5 16gb. Both of us don't want to lose our contacts and photos in our phones.I'm thinking if I can backup fro

I just want my pictures and apps on my new iphone, not the stuff I had a year ago. This doesn't make sense.

So a while ago when I got my phone I started a new Apple ID account/ iCloud.. Then when my sister got a new iphone I gave her my id to use too. In settings-general-usage it says that my storage is alm

Since iOS 7.1 my phone won't turn on and is asking me to connect to iTunes. I connect to itunes and it says it needs to be restored. Not sure why. I try to restore it and then it says something we

My iphone 4 turned off then when switched on wanted connected to iTunes to switch on so after I performed this task my phone automatically went back to factory settings as a new phone.... Is there any

forgot my password for backup how can i retrieve it?

My iphone 4 is going off and on by itself. It`s also draining the battery completly. I already tried restoing it, changing battery, changing the charging port and still doing the same thing. It will s

which itunes backup application download will be compatible with iphone 4.2.1 and windows 7

my iphone 5 keeps having coloured patterns on the screen then turn off or resets, also 70% of the time im having to plug into itunes to restore it! I have now restored it 5 times in two days?? HELP!?

3 days ago I ACCIDENTALLY restored my iphone to an older update, not realizing that I had not backed up to Icloud in 77 days.Now I lost all my recent photos, notes, and other important things I had on

ijphone 5s. When it gets down to about 90% battery life it shuts down. I have restored it but that didn't solve the problem

I recently updated my iphone 4 to IOS7.1 and now want to restore my new 5s with the latest backup. But obviously my new 5s comes with IOS7.0 and can't restore with a IOS7.1 backup. Can I setup as

What is TRBMOBILE in my iphone icloud backup options?

I have a new iphone - 5c, if I back my info onto iCloud is that enough so I don't loose my info when switching phones?

I cant touch half of my screen so when I plug it in to my computer and it gets the message for it to trust the computer I can choose trust because my screen is broken

My Iphone5 got stolen. I need to restore my latest backup on Iphone5 to my Iphone4. Is this possible?? ANy help please

Anybody having issues with your iphone 4/4s after iOS 7.1?  If no, have you successfully enabled an alphanumeric passcode longer than four characters and been able to log back in after locking it

I updated my phone.  It ended up resetting to factory setting and now has me activating it all over again.  I'm not sure I have my correct appleid, but I know I have the password correct

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