backup corrupt or not compatible with the iphone that is being restored

I am also having this daemon root :xnu issue and it seems to be collecting information as well as my phone is crashing. This has been going on for months after someone, boyfriend got ahold of my infor

backup corrupt compatible iphone restored

I have read several places that batteries go bad if they remain discharged for an extented peioid of time. Should I keep a charge on my iphone 4S backup phone when stored or is it ok to store it disch

I had to reset my iphone 4 to the factory settings and then restore it. Well i have restored it atleast six times and it still is making me restore it. What do i do???

Trying to backup iphone 4 using iCloud but what does it mean account verifified?

Is the ios8 compatible with the iphone 4s

Anyone know how to get rid of other storage mine says almost 7gb!!

I'm tyring to backup my iphone in itunes. Itunes says I must first authorize the PC I'm on to give it authorization for Appps otherwise all the apps on the phone will not be backed up. I selec

Hi, my brother bought new phone and restored wrong backup image. Apple ID password is forgotten. resetting via email or birthday isn't working. Now he is now unable to restore different backup, un

I'm using a windows 7 and had been trying several times of delete backup folder, configure firewall, change setting in notepad++...This took me 2yrs to figure out by looking at the forums and sear

iphone 4, iOS 6.?, not synced with iTunes, only used vzw app-backup assistant (I know I shoulda been up to date)At work the other day, my IT lady set up my phone with a gmail account so I could sync c

My iphone 5 turns off if I stop using it and whe battery level reading is below 20 percent.  When I connect it to the recharger and check the battery power level it is the same or one digit highe

My iphone 4s is not switching on, I connected it to itunes thru my Windows 7 laptop and it says phone needs to be restored. I clicked okay and it started the process however the progress bar with the

Does anyone know where I can find the files of my photos I once had on my iphone 5 that I backed up to my mbp are? I'd like to save them on a seperate flash. Thanks.

Please, can you help me about icloud service i can't make the backup for every things where when make the back up appears this Last back up :never

I updated my phone and it cleared everything on it and I don't have an icloud or itunes backup. Please help I need to get my pictures and information back

I have an iphone 5 GSM a1428. I am trying to update to IOS 8, and I have the right file, and I know how to do it. Also I have registered my UDID to get the download. Whenever I hit the file of ipsw, t

I restored my iphone and blocked operator ! help me <Email Edited by Host>

I have a brand new iphone. All of a sudden it will not charge. When i plug the charger to the phone it says that charger its not compadible with my phone and sometimes it will charge up to 4% and then

My iphone5 started turning itself off and on again and now its flashing the apple logo when connected to the charger but not powering on, i have restored it works for 10 mins then back to the flashing

My screen is frozen black but i still hear notification sounds and siri still works. its still under warranty but I'd like to back it up, unfortunately it has a passcode (which I cannot enter beca

My phone recently freaked out and went into safe mode and when i went to back it up to the most recent back up, i accidentally set it up as a new iphone.. then it backed up to my computer which erased

I have an iphone 5 running version 7.1.1. I have always backed it up to my MacBook Pro running Mavericks 10.9.3. I have iTunes version 11.2.2. I connect my phone to my computer and it freezes as it ge

can I recover pictures from water damaged I phone 5 with no cloud or I tunes backup?

why does itunes say the iphone 5s could not be restored an unknown error occurred 40

my brother smashed his iphone 5c screen and got the phone replaced &amp; he went to set it up and chose iCloud backup from iPad &amp; when it finished backup he realised half of his photos wer

restored my phone 4 and now cannot get past the icloud login. When i log into icloud it says my icloud account is registered to my phone number but when typing the icloud username and password in it s

my phone has been saying that it's not able to back up because of it not having enough storage or something like that , I have deleted so many pictures , apps , &amp; even my music &amp; i

two days before my iphone 5 battery was expand and display screen came out and now there has some gap between frame and how it will happen and i already got before i need to back

how can i connect and backup my ifone to laptop

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