blue scren on iphone and shuts ofg

Models : iphone 4
My phone shuts down repeatedly, even though battery level is high, especially during calls, and app use. Diagnostics says "os_version":"iphone OS 7.1.2 (11D257)","name":"Reset co

blue scren iphone shuts ofg

Models : iphone 4
My phone shuts down repeatedly, even though battery level is high, especially during calls, and app use. Diagnostics says "os_version":"iphone OS 7.1.2 (11D257)","name":"Reset co

Bueno pues a mi me ocurre lo mismo, reinicios cada dos minutos, % fijo en batería, cuando le parece deja de reiniciarse hasta que se apaga y comienza de nuevo todo el bucle. En Ajustes/General/Inform

After upgrading to newest iOS, my 5S sound stop working.So I took it to a near by apple store, they told me they  will replace my phone with a brand "new" 5S, not refurbished.Then my nightmare st

My iphone 5 is about 1-1/2 years old. Yesterday the phone shut down during a voice call and would not restart even when pressing and holding down the power buttons simultaneously for an extended perio

My iphone 5s is switching off and then a blue screen appears. Then it is difficult to swith on my phone, it is impossible to use all the functions of my phone because my phone is being restarted from

my iphone 4s screen has been cracked for a while and i accidently dropped it again and the screen cracked further and now has blue and black lines running up and down it, however when i press the home

I just changed my cracked screen. It was fine at first when i first turned it on after putting it in. then i went to shut it off.. and put the rest of the other hardware in...and now when it turns on.

Recently purchased a damaged iphone 5s and after replacing the screen and battery I turned it on and was stuck on the red charge logo. After a little research saw that I should recover the phone so pu

Are there any hardware related reasons that would make one iphone 5S more prone to blue screens than another? I get pretty frequent blue screen resets and I get them not only in third part apps (which

When I do a reset via on/off and Home button the lines disappear and the LCD has large vertical lines.I try to reset my iphone 5C to the initial factory settings via iTunes. However the LCD touchscree

My iphone 5 shuts off unexpectedly when it has more than 30%, sometimes even more than 40% of battery life. When I press the on/off button to try to turn it on, it asks me to connect to power source.

I dropped my phone last night, already with a little glass missing at the top. The screen is black with blue vertical lines, I cant even see my home screen I've tried holding the home and power bu

there is a problem happened to my iphone ( blue screen and infinite rebooting ) what i have to do?

The new telephone 5 S Did not spend it only 20 days Works became RESTART Then gives a blue screen And my phone is out of warranty I do not know what to do I am especially in Egypt and there is no Appl

After the last update every time my iphone4 reaches about 15% battery it shuts off and wont turn on until I plug it in. Why? i cant seem to figure out what to do. Restoring a backup does nothing, neit

Just today I had my screen that I had shattered replaced at a local phone repair shop. I immediately realized upon turning it on that when I angled my phone or turned even the slightest that it develo

I have an iphone 5s. Sometimes, when I use it, coming "blue screen" and iphone rebooting.What to do?

i dropped my iphone 4 in water today. i quickly dried it off and tried to reboot it (holding the home and top buttons at the same time) but there were only vertical blue lines on the screen. i really

For some reason my phone has a weird blue tint on maybe one third of the screen and a smaller area on the other side.

friends help me plzmy iphone is crashed and go to bloue screen i conect it to pc and try to restore but erroe 40 is display and cant continue restore what i do now?im in iran

my iphone 5c was in perfect condition until I got a blue screen and it decided to switch itself off, it only comes back on if I press the home and lock button for ten seconds but it either stays on fo

My iphone 5 was shutting down and I had to restore. It worked fine for a day but now continues to shut down constantly. Help!

Good Morning,  I have an iphone 4 that has been dropped, and the screen broken, the buttons and screen still works however.  The phone will power on when on the mains, but when it comes on t

My phone has a blue box that is highlighting icons and moving from one icon to another and I don't know how to stop it

My iphone 4s keeps crashing and then goes to a grey screen, and sometimes a blue screen. i tried restoring it and setting it up a a new iphone and it still does it

this afternoon i just using my iphone 5s like usual and suddenly it got blues screen and turn off by itself, and got turn on by itself too. after apple logo came out like 4 second it god blue screen a

For the last 6months my 4s has been randomly turning off at various battery amounts. 65%, 32%, etc. shows charge symbol. I have to hold power, home, volume up buttons over and over and eventually it w

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