call waiting doesn t show caller on iPhone

Ok, so first of all , sorry fir my bad english :/Well i was at my mom's house a week ago , and i tried to download songs using itunes to my iphone .I got there a suck pc so it took to me 2 hours t

call waiting show caller iPhone

My iphone 5S was working great but from 3days cant work on 4G&3G only EDGE (E).. I tried all simple solution rest network and restore the iphone nothing change.. One of my friends suggest 

So I have an iPad mini and I lost it without find my ipad I don't know what to do if you know what to do please help :'(

my iphone4s will not show any wifi networks for the past week. I have tried turning my phone on and off and it does not work. i have tried resetting my router and resetting my network preferences and

I bought an iphone 5 and i unlocked it for any carrier but they said my iphone has a report and it will work only with one company isaid its fine but when i put in the sim and make a call after it tak

My iphone 4 does not make any sound except when i have call. Any sound notification for example whatsapp or email or playing song i could not hear a pip, but when blug the earphone i could hear all so

Recently my hard drive on my iMac crashed and I had to get a new external hard drive.  I was able to retrieve most of my applications, including iLife, which includes iPhoto. For the first t

After having my phone for over 2 years, last night it stopped working. I had used it all day yesterday until I went to turn it on in the evening and nothing happened. I can't turn it on, make a ca

error in application accurred please call support quoting error code 2907

Hi All I am unable to use my number for imessage or FaceTime after upgrading to iOS 7.1I have gone through all the apple support stuff about reset network, turn on and off even factory restore an

High people! My iphone screen recently broke, and it doesn't even light up. The whole thing still works, so i get vibrations, calls ecc.. i changed to a blackberry, but now i don't get texts f

Dear Sir, i have problem in my iphone 5 that during receiving any calls always appeare message that error in application occurred please call support quoting error code 2907. I need to solve my proble

currenty i am using iphone5s 4G i am having a pronlem whenever i disconnect a call or end it a error is displayed error code  29 07 please tell me about this thankyou

iphone 5, iOS 7.1. The phone won't ring when called or texted. I can hear the tones just fine when I select them. I can hear everything else fine also. This happens whether the phone is locked or

During video call in skype, the iphone 5s gold front camera sometimes blink once or twice, Just a second maybe or faster.What it was doing?  Is it normal?   or is it hacking sign? 

its really annoying, it worked fine before i had a sim swap

Please help!  I'm trying to set up my new iphone 5s and it won't let me use the backup from my 4s because the 4s has 7.1 on it and the 5s does not.  I set up my 5s as a new phone to

Please help ! My iphone 5 is restarting during a call or internet browsing, o just simply browsing the meniu. I can not us it any more ! It is functioning max 5 minutes. I have tried to restore i

There is no wifi showing up on my phone. What do I do?

I have a iphone 4s and it wont show up on my macbook air. All system updates are up to date, same with itunes. I tried restarting my laptop and phone, it didnt work. I even tried iphoto and Image Capt

So my 3G worked for 2 days and then didn't work the next day.

Hi, After I switched my carrier from tele2 (holland) to Simyo the 3G 'logo' doesn't appear anymore next to the network in the upper left corner of the screen. I already checked with t

Just swapped an iphone 4 for an iphone 5 for my daughter--with Verizon.  The 5 doesn't seem to respond to touch, however, sometimes works with stylus.  Any ideas or suggestions?

I somehow knocked my iphone 4s in the sink of water and everything seems to work except the camera.  Is there a way to reinstall  the software or does anyone know what I can do other than

Okay, so I just updated my Itunes to 11.1.5. My Apple TV shows up in devices, but my iphone 4 won't. I want to downlaod my new music. I have tried reinstalling Itunes I have tried basically everyt

Every attempted app installation results in the "waiting" mode icon on my home screen.   How can I complete the install process?   What am I missing?

Please make the previous versions available to downgrade like ios6.13 and 6.16 for the users who doesn't like new ios 7.0 or 7.1.Ios 7.1 is very slow for iphone 4s. I want to downgrade my phone to