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call waiting show caller iPhone

Hi all, I need help with my iphone4s. When I turn on my iphone4s, the apple logo will show for a few seconds, and it will suddenly fade off to a blank screen, and not start up. It will then

The dialtone on my iphone 5s sounds anemic and almost stuttering.  Is this a common problem, and can it be fixed?

I want to record all my incoming and outgoing calls on my phone is there any specific application for this?

I restarted my phone about 5 times nothing worked.

I was wondering  if I can get my 6.99 from the game grand theft auto San Andreas because it doesn't work

Why doesn't iPhones have go keyboard

Hi. When I was at work I left my phone on the side and people tried to get into it, but after typing in the passcode wrong too many times, my phone now says 'iphone is disabled, connect to iTunes&

TJBUSMC1973 wrote:I'd rather not have a few dozen blocked contacts cluttering up my Contacts list. The contacts I block using the iphone's blocking function don't show in my contacts

Yes.Also try using speaker till you visit the Apple Store to tell you what's the problem.

The battery was practically full and when i connect it to a charger it keeps beeping. When connected to a computer, it opens in itunes. I tried holding down the lock botton and home botton but it doe

You will not receive a new phone.  You will receive a refurbished unit if your phone is found to be defective.

my  suddenly no longer works and dosn't show any sign and when i try to make restore for it, iTunes shows me error 4005 and my iphone does not respond to iTunes

Hi there, i have an iphone 4s, and have already had it replaced 2 times because of hardware issues, but now my phone has broken yet again. The problem i have with my iphone is that the microphone does

Could I exchange a iphone 4s for an iphone 5s if it got wet or at least get money to it.

A few weeks ago I updated an app (for faculty/students of a university by which I'm employed). It is now stuck in the "waiting" mode. It will not allow me to delete because it is "updating". I am

I have just bought a new iphone 4s from the shop.When I make a call and I wish to turn the call on loud speaker the person I call can't hear me anymore and I can't hear her.I have tried to tur

Hi, my iphone 4s' sound isn't working during a call. I can't hear the person on the other end, nor can I hear them. I can't hear it ringing either, although when I have an incoming cal

When My iphone 5 started to use IOS 7.1... FaceTime doesn´t exist. No Icon, No App,Nothing....  I've tried everything, find an answer anywhere. I am from Colombia, thank you very much

Hello, i have bought my iphone 5s a few months ago if i am not mistaken in feb or march, 2 months ago the camera started lagging ( i would use it to take some picture but when i tried to activated it

I plug the phone into charge and the phone shows it's charging but the battery percentage and battery doesn't increase, which means it isn't charging properly.Any ideas upon how to fix and

I have Windows 8 on my laptop (I have an HP) and all of a sudden, a couple weeks ago my iphone stopped showing up in iTunes. It shows up as computer hardware, but not on iTunes. I've tried uninsta

What will I do? My iphone 5 doesn't produce any sound.. I did everything, worked on the settings but still no sound... It doesn't produce sound. It just don't produce any..

Dropped in water briefly, was in a case.  Dried it off, everything working properly.  No water damage indicator has appeared.  Wen to charge and it didn't "click" as usual and th

i have a problem with apple support/schedule a call , about  my phone number  i dont know how i  should write it ( please enter a valid number) !!!!!!s

I've been trying to delete an app and every time I tap on it the X doesn't appear so I can't delete them I can only move them around. Any suggestions?

Hi, My iphone was stolen and fortunately I got it back(Police traced it and returned to me). My iphone is not showing any display not even an apple logo after pressing the Home and Lock butt

when i click on the icon it says, waiting then intalling then the message pops up again. i have tried deleting and restarting, i have shut down phone several times i have log out of itunes and signed

A couple of minutes ago my iphone's home button stopped working so i wanted to restart him, after i turned him off i couldn't turn him on anymore is tried holding the power button, holding