how to change alarm tone in iphone

change alarm tone iphone

my calendar has changed to the year 2556, how do I change it to the current year?

My son wants to be able to switch from his gamecenter to my gamecenter, but I don't want him knowing my apple ID password. Is there any way to diconnect my apple account from my existing gamecente

Just I change my iTunes Store id but I can't updates my apps because when I update they showing old id when I put password showing wrong passaword I am putting new password they showing same , ple

Yesterday evening I accidentally dropped my iphone 5s in the sink while it was running.  I immediately removed it and it started acting funny (sreen would turn on and off on it's own). 

Some of the first questions it asks you can you change them a few days later.

How can I change my security questions?

i want to buy games.. but when i do it asks me question so they can varify me but i forgot theanwsers to the question and the email that they send the anwsers to doesnt exist anymore i forgot the pass

I bought my iphone 4, 32gs in London, unlocked. i had a problem and broke the glass, is still working. is it posible to change it for a new one ?

Hello, i have iphone 5 sim-free. It has little bit scratches on the back. If I want to upgrade my current model to newer what should i do except buying it. If i break my iphone will apple replace it w

Why does my desk top not recognise my iphone? Sudden change since last update from apple

Hellloo please i need help here immediatly i cant remember my security questions answers and the rescue email !!

change navigation voice? I don't want a female voice

My husband and I share an Apple ID and are separating accts, but don't want to lose my contacts

Hi My name is Brady And I have the game app Clash of clans. So I just bought an ITunes gift card to buy stuff in the game, I use a iPad but now I had used a iphone because my iPad is owned by my colle

How do I change my password if I have forgotten my security answers

I'd like to know if i can possibly swap my iphone 4s for a later iphone model at an apple store and perhaps it might require some additional costs ?

Why does test tone keep playing after opening text?

I'm wondering how to change the email to my apple account on my phone to help make it to where I can download updates on my phone. Everything is fine for my mac but I need to know how to change th

They told me I had to get a different phone because mine was a verizon phone. I went to Straight Talks shop page and saw they are selling some iphone 4s there. Can't I just unlock mine and change

Can Sprint store change iphone battery

This one has been discussed in other threads. But they're getting so drenched by non-solutions, that I thought I'd make a new one  What I want is to find a way to turn off vibrate on

i updated my phone to ios seven but dont like the icons. i am told there is a way that you can convert back to ios six on iphone 4 so i was wondering if you could do it with the 4s

I forgot my security question answers and cannot purchase any apps from the App Store. How do I change them? I need to update that information I made this account 3 years ago when I first got my iPhon

My iphone 4 is going off and on by itself. It`s also draining the battery completly. I already tried restoing it, changing battery, changing the charging port and still doing the same thing. It will s

my i phone has went off will not switch on when i ring it the rining tone is there so its still on but theys nothing comeing though to the iphone it is blank

I tried to deactivate my find my iphone app as im having to send my phone off to be fixed, when I tried to do it I turned the settings to lost phone and now I cant activate my phone to change it?

i need to know how to change my media sync on an iphone4s i tried to update it and it keeps telling me it needs more space and to change the media sync i have no idea how or what that is please help m

my iphone 5 top is broken and i know that in usa you can just give it to apple store then add $200 or $250 and they will take the broken one and give you new one the same model but i am in hong kong d

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