how to change alarm tone in iphone

change alarm tone iphone

The dialtone on my iphone 5s sounds anemic and almost stuttering.  Is this a common problem, and can it be fixed?

my iphone 5s fall and the screen was crashed, I replaced another , and it works. but the damage is more than screen, the sound between caller and receiver during calls not working. So plz help !!!!!!!

can i change the motherboard on my i phone 4s with a new but used one

Seems a fairly simple question I can't seem to find an answer to. One used to be able to change these in the normal way, by holding down an icon until the screens starts shaking then dragging into

Typically in the App Store, there is a text link "Categories" which allows you to narrow the App Store pages to "Lifestyle," "Weather," and a few others. I've clicked "News"... and I don't thi

I locked up my phone trying to unlock my security questions, it was my moms account but she doesn't have a iphone anymore so I'm using her account & I can't download music on to my

There are no Apple shops here, no service centers and the telephone number shown for Bulgaria Apple Support does not exist. I see on Appleinsider that as my power adaptor for for my iphone 4s is

I plug the phone into charge and the phone shows it's charging but the battery percentage and battery doesn't increase, which means it isn't charging properly.Any ideas upon how to fix and

How do I change my security questions if I don't remember the answers?

i forgot my restrictions pascode.  How do I change it??

I recently changed my apple id, as i forgot my old log in, i've updated it everywhere on my iphone, but when i go to try and download and update apps its still using my old email for my old ID and

I got an iphone 5 from my aunt who used it for a while before giving it up. Now I'm trying to set all profiles. I could do some settings but when I try to update apps, it's my aunt's accou

i was wondering if i can change my legally bought sprint iphone 5 to verizon carrier. if so, how?

Recently I have changed my ISP and now I cannot connect to updates.  I get a message saying that I am 'not connected to the network'.When I run diagnostics I get an error stating' Sec

updated phone all i get is 02 not conected changed sim 02 this morning still searching not help

I try to enter my password to download an app but it says it's wrong. So I go and change my password and it still says the information is wrong (just made new password) I've done this three ti

We are giving my husband's iphone 4s to our daugther and need to erase everything but my husband's apple id is only showing his old email address. Even if we reset the password it still shows

I have moved to US from India. How do I change my App Store from India to US App Store?

I'm not able to get the Alert Tones to sound for Weather Bug weather Alerts and FOX News news Alerts. I have the sounds turn on in the notification section, but when alerts come in there's no

how tow change my rogers iphone to telus

I have an iphone 4s and I think his dock is damaged. So I wonder if I can obtain an iphone 5s or 5c (Refurbished) with a discount if I give to Apple my iphone 4s??

my iphone 5c sound/speaker only works with the headphones in and when I'm trying to change a ringtone in settings.. why is this?! its not on airplane mode, its not on silent, ive tried turning it

hey, I recently bought a $20 itunes card and I went to buy some gems on clash of clans and it said I had to enter my apple id security questions but I have forgot them, I went into apple id and went i

i am not able to change my card details in my apple id and even not able to change the country

hi iphone 5 device from america's sleep / wake button, do not change it in Turkey. What do I need for it. according to my device replacement program. Thanks.

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