how to change the country itunes in iphone

How can I change my security questions?

change country itunes iphone

I have an iphone 5. The battery is dead and won't charge. I can't restore it because the battery is dead. The warranty ended in January. Now what?

during update to IOS7 iphone frozen with itunes logo shown with cable?

im trying to set up my old iphone to my moms itunes but its saying it is registered to my account how do i deactivate it?

i want to buy games.. but when i do it asks me question so they can varify me but i forgot theanwsers to the question and the email that they send the anwsers to doesnt exist anymore i forgot the pass

A year ago I bought a iphone 5 from Georgia (not the state of Georgia but the country just by Turkey) and power button does not work now. What is the possibility of repairing or having a new model wit

I bought my iphone 4, 32gs in London, unlocked. i had a problem and broke the glass, is still working. is it posible to change it for a new one ?

Hi my iphone 4 has gone to a black screen. when I plug it into the charger the apple logo comes on and off. I have tried restoring it on itunes but error 21 comes up. I have followed the advice in inf

Hello, i have iphone 5 sim-free. It has little bit scratches on the back. If I want to upgrade my current model to newer what should i do except buying it. If i break my iphone will apple replace it w

my iphone will no connect to itunes

Why does my desk top not recognise my iphone? Sudden change since last update from apple

I have tried many times to download songs that I have purchased from from itunes to my phone through iCloud but once they are downloaded they don't appear on the libary on my phone. Once I connect

Any help would be really nice please updating my software n iphone 5 - it said it could not update as has a older itunes. downloaded the latest one but now my phone is stuck in "recovery  mo

Hellloo please i need help here immediatly i cant remember my security questions answers and the rescue email !!

iphone 4: downloaded IOS7.01 update, will not turn on now, only shows pic of itunes "app" and USB plug in arrow towards it.  I don't have a computer with itunes downloaded, can I simply log i

I have tried to update my phone and it is stuck on "connect to itunes" I have plugged it up to the wall charger because i have read that the new update can cause a battery drain and i have tried to re

   I've spent hours searching the internet for a solution to my problem but nothing has worked and it is a pretty uncommon problem. My iphone being in recovery mode is the third in a ser

I am accustomed to updating the apps on my iphone by first downloading the new versions to itunes and then syncing my phone. This is how I've done it for years. It no longer works this way. Now, w

change navigation voice? I don't want a female voice

I've tried different cords, and plugging it into the wall and my computer, so it seems like the problem is definitely with the phone.  I tried to clean any lint out but that didn't fix it

My husband and I share an Apple ID and are separating accts, but don't want to lose my contacts

im in a game and i cant connect to the itunes store why? Help

hi sir my iphone 4,7.0.4, error 3194, with itunes,m reset host file also,download new firmware and update my itunes  also but problem is still,what i do now

Why I can't buy In-App Purchases such as (Gems in Clash of Clans) or (Crystal in LINE Cookie Run)It says 'Contact Apple Support'

Hi My name is Brady And I have the game app Clash of clans. So I just bought an itunes gift card to buy stuff in the game, I use a iPad but now I had used a iphone because my iPad is owned by my colle

My iphone has been disabled and I tried to restore by forcing it into recovery as it kept on saying enter your passcode on your device. But an error keeps popping up and it says cannot restore iphone

How do I change my password if I have forgotten my security answers

I don't seem to have the itunes Store on my home screen anymore. I did when I first got my phone a few weeks ago and it isn't in any folder. I have searched for it on my home screen, with the

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