what does the circle on my Sprint iphone mean

Help i have an iphone 5s and whenever i dowload an app or update, the symbol turns to install then the circle loading, then all of a sudden it goes back to the price symbol. I am having a tough time c

circle Sprint iphone

The last 2 videos I took last night (I took 11 in total), show a gray circle icon on them instead of the normal camera icon. The running time on those 2 vidoes is not correct, sound is missing in part

I have a free and clear IP4s from sprint and they have told me that the phone need to be in sprint network for them to be able to send a request to Apple to get it unlock. they also give me an unlock

I'm planning on buying one from eBay that's second hand but use it in England on the 3 network but i'm unsure if it has a sim slot as its a CDMA phone meaning it doesn't use a sim card

I bought an iphone 5c from a guy who had sprint but I heard about straight talk, is there anyone who can help me activated there?

I'm thinking about switching providers from sprint to att.  Will the att sim card work on my phone. I have the iphone 5

Can sprint store change iphone battery

My phone started acting up and I noticed my text messages were not being sent.  So I turned my iphone off.  My iphone 4s turned off properly but when I went to put it back the apple icon cam

hi , why my iphone 4s is not be activated , sim ( sprint USA ) , part sim, ICC ID : ...pleas help me <Edited by Host>

can i use my sprint iphone 5 on att network by replacing the sim card?

So I bought a new iphone 5s Oct 2013, and had a sprint plan carry over.  On average for the past year I have been using between 300,000 MB and 600,000 MB per billing cycle (30 days) - well under

My wife bought an iphone 5s from a friend at work. She brought the phone home we noticed it was on sprint network and we are on at&amp;t is there anyway to switch it over or should I just return i

Hey all!   So I have been wanting an iphone 5s as a second phone for a while, and now that virgin mobile is offering an INSANE deal on it, I want to jump on it. With that said, I am cur

Since Oct. 7 last I have a 5S. Before had a 4S. About 4S no complaints, so the 5S maybe faster, better cam and so on but what I really hate it that stupid white circle in a black square you can move a

Hello, so about 16 months ago I bought an iphone 5 from Ebay. The seller had told me that the iphone was unlocked and ready to use. When i received the phone in the mail I discovered that the iphone w

i bought 5s gold sprint carrier and i cannot find a personal hotspot can you resolve my problem

how can i unlock my sprint ipone 4s

I purchased a brand new never been used iphone 5C from a friend. It was through Verizon. Will I be able to use the phone on my sprint account? And if not what can I do because I have sprint and cannot

After I connected my iphone 4 Bluetooth to my car for hands free calling it worked fine. When I left the car I turned Bluetooth off.  Upon returning to the car, I turned Bluetooth back on and han

how do i get a sprint iphone 5c unlocked to change phone carriers

I've been given the run around for a while now. Can anyone help me? I'm trying to unlock my iphone 4s that I recently started using again. I called sprint but its no luck. How can I unlock my

I hope you can help i cant text  my husbend for months sprint cant help so im hoping you can it sends back that message using invalid number

i have iphone 4 and i went to restore but its hanging and its screen is black and loading circle please help me

I called sprint on March 5th and requested to unlock my iphone 5 since I will be going out of country in a few days. They told me that it is unlocked, but when I put a Metro PCS sim card in it to chec

How can I change my end button from a circle back to a square

I went into recovery mode - and keep receiving error 4005 - tried different usb, computers, did all updates possible nothing helps, my iphone screen shows apple logo and constant waiting circle

does the iphone 5 hardware or do later versions support the extended frequency range required to support sprint HD Audio?

If I have the "unlock" code for my sprint iphone 4S, how can I unlock it myself?