what does the circle on my Sprint iphone mean

I have an iphone 4s that I got in Austraila and my carrier was Telstra. I am now back in USA and need a new back glass for it. It looks like the carriers have different versions of the 4s. Is Telstra&

circle Sprint iphone

Hi,Actually I have One I phone Its Us sprint Carrier But Now I am In qatar,I Cant Use Any Carrier I Want to Unlock My Phone Any Idea,,,

hii have sprint iphone 5 locked sprint carrier i contact with sprint support to unlock but they told me i have to sign in with your phone number i dont have the the number with my iphone i did'nt

i was wondering if i can change my legally bought sprint iphone 5 to verizon carrier. if so, how?

I'm staying with sprint but they won't unlock my phone for nothing

I had a sprint iphone 5S and I canceled the contract 2 weeks ago, I want to use my phone in Asia with a GSM network, they gave me an unlock code but I don't know how to use it and it does not work

On a trip to the US in late january, my wife bought a sprint iphone 5s for full unlocked price ($650) to be used overseas from a apple store in west palm beach, Fl.  She explained her intention t

How do u unlock an iphone 4s sprint to work for att

Can a unlocked sprint 4s be used on AT&T?

Where did she get the information that sprint will charge here for downloading a game? The only thing that sprint might charge for when it comes to content that is available in the App Store is if you

Hello Has any one successfully managed to request sprint to unlock the iphone 5s A1453 and use it internationally. I have made a request to them and fingures crossed. I have seen a post

Please Help me. I tried to update my iphone 4 via WiFi. and what happens is it only keeps on loading with the loading circle and says checking for update. it's been like that for hours. Then I tri

i need to unlock my iphone by imei it is from sprint and i want to use in mexico, i was looking for diferent options but i cant find a good solution i hope you can help me

Common problem and I need to go to Apple store but is it covered and if not what is the cost?

Is it possible for the find my iphone app to give an inaccurate location when it is tracking movement perfectly down the street and there is no green circle around it? Will find my iphone retrace a ro

Hello i recently bought an iphone 5c from the US locked to cdma sprint and the owner of the phone told me she called sprint and they unlocked it but they have like this master code which they gave her

How can I use an unlock code from sprint to unlock my iphone 5C.  want to switch carriers.

I recently upgraded my iphone 5 to ios 7.1.1.  Now when I try to download an app I touch "free" (or the price), then "install".  I get the circle indicating downloading, but then it goes bac

i have sprint iphone 5c and i want to unlock it,factory unlock,how it will be done

I requested to have my iphone 5c unlocked from sprint.  I received an email stating my request has be granted but when I restore it through iTunes I don't get the "congratulations your iphone

Hello, I have an iphone 5 with sprint that I had to unlock in order for it to work under tmobile.  sprint would not unlock the device.  I was wondering if I go to the apple store and get a r

Hi, I was doing some research to see which LTE bands the iphone 5s supported and I came across a page on Apple's website that said which LTE carriers are supported in all countries around the worl

2 yr old iphone 4.s has frozen screen showing picture of a recharge wire pointing to a music logo in circle. Pictures eventually disappears only to re-apprear for a  short time. Nothing else seem

I have iphone 4s from sprint and its motherboard is damaged so please provide me what to do it is not in warranty and i am in India now.thanks in advance.

i used the new update now my screen has a blue music symbol an arrow pointing up under it and a charger symbol it wont go away whats wrong

For example what would happen if I put a 5S antenna in a 4S? If that wouldn't work, what would?

Help i have an iphone 5s and whenever i dowload an app or update, the symbol turns to install then the circle loading, then all of a sudden it goes back to the price symbol. I am having a tough time c