comment jailbreak iphone black r1

comment jailbreak iphone black r1

how can i fix this problem  i have done a restore etc  

Does anyone have a black apple when they turn there phone off and on?

i walked out of school and i was trying to get on my phone but it would not cut on.It was just a black screen.So when i got home and put it on the charger it keep vibrating but still a black screen. I

Please help with this.  There is a box in the upper right corner that has 3 circles inside it.  It is gray and white until you touch it then it gets black.  I can't swipe the screen

My wifi icon is black and in settings it won't turn on. Any one have any advise. 4G works.

My iphone 5C was charging until someone accidentally knocked it over and once it hit the ground, the screen was black. The light was still on in the background but it was black and then eventually the

My camera has all of a sudden stopped working and shows only a black screen. I've since deleted lots of photos to free up memory and downloaded latest software but no joy . Any ideas please? I'

Went to reset phone but it had crashed and now will not turn off or reset. black screen with an apple and bar! Help, :(

Hey,  I have an iphone 4S. Like a billion years ago the power button stopped working. Havent had problems with it until now, where it suddenly went black while I was using it. Siri still wor

My screen went black. Siri will responded when I hold the button and will make my phone calls. How do I get my home screen back

My iphone 4 randmonly started going into recoveery mode when i was trying to download ios 7.1, and now the apple logo will come one and then fade to black and continue this process. My iphone wont res

Hello All, Actualy I'm using apple iphone 4s since 8 months. Today morning it was working well but tango apps  deleted and suddenly stop working centre button and when i kept it for 2 min. it

I have an iphone 5C and I would like to replace my black screen with a white screen (maybe a white iphone 5 screen), but I am not sure if apple would do it for me.

find the owner of the iphone 5 black  to unlock icloudPlease! Thank! <Edited by Host>

i was on facetime with my friend and then i got a Snaochat; i went to the snapchat screen, opened the Snapchats, and then tried to go back to the facetime screen. my phone screen turned white then bla

i dropped my phone today from not that high and the screen turned black with blue lines all over it and it won't work. i have no clue what to do or how to fix it? after 4 hours of this, siri start

my iphone 4s had a broken power button last night the screen went black but i know its still on cause i can hear siri when i hold down the home botton. how do i fix this with a broken power botton?

Hi 1st post here.  I got my iphone 4S 32gb wet while walking in the lakes at the weekend using the map my hike app. It wasn't submerged but the front facing and rear camera had condensation b

Hello all.           LAst night my phone went "black" i have no idea. I tried rebooting it which didnt work. Now i cant see the screen but i managed t

My phone is responsive, it rings and vibrates when I get notifications, but I can't see anything on the screen besides the lines. I could replace the screen, but is it a deeper problem beyond just

My phone just went to a blue screen, changed to yellow, then white, black.  Have tried to turn off, but nothing is happening.  What do I do?  This is a new phone.

phone working but display is black

HELP!!!Im Awful at phones !! I kno ur thinking im like a 75 year old lady but trust me im not even close to that age but have no idea wat happend to my phone plz help.

My rear camera goes blank when I turn it on but if I change to front camera it comes on. I've tried switching it off and resetting it but nothing is working.....

My friend let my iphone 4s as fall on the ground.. now the screen is black but the sound and screenshots are working. Its 2 1/2 years old. When I put in the charging cable it also makes a sound. I put

i connected my iphone to mac  and it said it will synced and now its jus black screen with the white apple turning on and off

My screen is black but still rings. What do I do

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