how much does it cost to fix iphone speakers

I got my iphone 5c a week ago and i already cracked my screen much would it cost for my local apple store to repair it? and my phone has a in service warranty.

cost fix iphone speakers

I lost the speaker sound suddenly while listening to a previously aired radio program. Cannot hear any sounds on my Apple 4S iphone since it happened. Cannot even hear Siri anymore. Can only hear any

Will Apple be able to fix my water damaged iphone and how much will it cost? The screen is black and won't come back on. It's only 1 month old and I hate to ditch it and get a refurbished one

Everything is working fine but I just don't want to screen smashed so I was just curious

If that iphone was orignally sold in the US, Out of Warranty replacement cost will be Phone 4, iphone 3GS, iphone 3G, Original iphone$149 Replacement will be an iphone of the same color and

Hey, The lock button on my iphone 4 has recently stopped working. Do I have to go to apple to get it fixed, if so how much does it cost? And can they actually repair it? Thanks

How many in built speakers are there in iphone 5s? What is the exact location of it in the phone ?

How much will it cost me to send my iphone off to apple for my rear casing  to be replaced?

Someone using my credit card. Saw my billing statement. I dont purchase on feb 18 it cost usd 34.99 in peso 1,609.41 but I have never received any receipt I bought it. I can send to u my credit card p

Hi. I have a lock button on my iphone that seems to have almost got stuck down. It will lock, but with a lot of force applied to it. Just wondered how much it would cost me to get this fixed? Thanks i

How much would it cost to fix a 5s screen?

I have an iphone 4 and when it is called, the ringer works. When I send a Tweet, it tweets, emails notify and everything else, but my external speakers will not play music. The music plays when I plug

iphone storage memory in not expandable.

I shattered the screen to my iphone 5 last night while getting out of the car. I am still able to see the screen behind it; I'm actually typing this on my phone now. I just need to know how much i

Hello all, I stupidly smashed the front of my iphone 5S. I don't have AppleCare+ and have had bad experiences with third party repairs, so I want to stick to Apple. Any ideas how much they wo

Today I got water on my speakers and now I can't hear music or talk on the phone

Before the update my iphone audio worked great with my 2014 Nissan Versa Note. Now the phone doesnt send audio to the car speakers? what can I do?

Dropped my iphone 4 down the loo, need to know how much Apple will be charging for a replacement. Do Apple still replace iphone 4?  Thanks

I updated my phone last night with the new iOS7.1  my phone worked fine before updating.  Since updating, I have no sound from music or videos, but I do have sound when my phone rings. 

My iphone 4 doesnt play any sound when I'm playing a game or any app but when i play music it works fine. How do i fix this?

Only one of my speakers on my phone are working and I want to know how much it costs to repair them just be aide I know the other one is gonna break

I have sounds but when streaming radio or you tubes, there isn't a sound bar at bottom of screen and there's no sound

I cracked my iphone 5s and the screen is broken... im unable to use the phone at all because all i see is lines... how muh will it cost to have it repaired?

my iphone 5 is NOT SWITCHING ON..its not charging .warranty expired by 2 much it would cost for a repair or replacement.??i purchased it in fortress store ,HONG KONG.

My iphone 5 keeps resetting itself, If I take my device in to apple what will they do and more importantly what will it cost me???

My touch screen went out in my phone. The screen is perfectly fine. How much would it cost to be fixed?

how much will it cost me to fix or replace an iphone 4 not under warranty

When I hear music with earphones on it works perfectly. When I take it out and want to hear music out loud it doesnt really work? Sounds really low and you cant understand what they are singing.

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