how much does it cost to fix iphone speakers

How much does it cost for an iphone 4 screen repair?

cost fix iphone speakers

I got a life case for my phone and after I put it on the phone it stopped playing any sounds or music or anything out of the headphones and is playing it through the speaker instead. Yes I used the sc

I have a ton of speakers, car cables etc that I bought for my iphone 4. I now have a 5 and the plug for the 4 does not fit the 5. does anyone make an adapter that fits the 4 so that I can use my 5 wit

Hey guys so I have my iphone 5 for about 2 years in like 40 days (So I am still under warranty) Anyway I noticed when I play music, anything that is high pitched, it makes like a screeching or high pi

How do I enable my speakers and volume control for my iphone 4. They no longer work for music

Yesterday my idiot friends thought it would be funny to throw chocolate milk onto my phone and now it has water dance. I forgot to put it into rice to try and get rid of the water so I am now trying t

Well folks I need some help. I am a native English speaker living in Southern China.  We do not have an Apple Store in our city.  As a result we have to go to an authorized service cent

Hi - I can only hear my music via headphones.  speakers appear not to work at all as all alerts are now a very quiet buzz.  speakers do not appear blocked nor microphone jack hole.  I c

My iphone's speakers don't work when I play music or the sounds of apps, but if I get a call they work. What can I do? Some people told me they can change my phone because it's a hardware

after 2 years of use, iphone 4s speakers full of lint--how clean?

What does apple charge to replace the glass on an iphone 5?  Phone works fine, just hard to read because of the cracked glass. 

The On/Off button on my iphone 5 is glitchy.  Any ideas?

What does it cost to have a screen replaced by apple (iphone5)

My iphone 5s fell out my locker at work and smashed the screen, it's still less than a year old and I won't to replace the screen but with people I trust to do, how much does apple charge them

Hi there! I was wondering how much it would cost me to replace my iphone 4 with a newer model or a refurb. I am currently out-of-warranty. I'm pretty sure my phone has water damage and the screen

i have a broken lock button,extrememly cracked screen and currently the left side of the touch screen isnt workingand the battery needs to be charged 3 times a much would it be to fix all of t

cant chargetried different chargersphone is now deadthink charger port is dislodgedhow much will it cost to repair?

i pluged my iphone 4s in an output of 110v without the adapter, where and how much will it cost???

Everything on my iphone 5 works fine but my external speakers just died. No ring, speakerphone, no sounds at all from the speakers at the bottom. The earpiece still works. I have never gotten it wet a

how much would it cost to replace the glass on the bottom of the back of my iphone5S ??

As the title reads:My iphone speakers do not play sound and every time it attempts to play sound it lags and the speakers crackle.I have only had my phone for roughly 6 months and this issue started t

iphone5 dropped into water and can't turn on now.Can it be repaired and what's the price of repairment or replacement in hkdollar.

While playing Music or YouTube, even when sounding an Alarm, my speaker cuts out at odd intervals. For about ten seconds to a minute or so it plays fine but then it cuts out. Sometimes it cuts outrigh

I dropped my iphone 5 a few months back and it completely smashed, however I carried on using it because if could still see through the cracks. 2 days ago a started getting thin black lines on my scre

i had bought a new iphone 4 just 3 months before when ever i had restarted my iphone the speakers doesnt work may i know what is the problem

I think I've been experiencing a problem that's related to the speakers. This problem occurs whenever I use the speakers, ie: while placing a call, listening to music/YouTube videos, Skype cal

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