custom ringtones will not play on iphone

I have custom device, which I control by PC via USB. I want to control this device by iphone using lightning cable. As I know I can do this using special cable, but the best solution will be using cab

custom ringtones play iphone

Any ideas? I have check my "do not disturb" and settings

So I had an iphone for four years and purchased ringtones. I never had a problem with getting them back before. I lost my iphone 5 (unlocked) and erased it so my husband gave me his but now I can'

Hello, I just started having an issue with my iphone 4s.  It is not playing music.  It won't play from the music app, or sound cloud, or 8 tracks, or even youtube.  I thought i

I played Indestructible since I bought iphone 4s, then I bought iphone 5 and now I have 5s. I continue to play this game on all devices by my own account and scores are not updated and latest score ea

As of last week I get a connection error when hooking up my iphone 4s in my car to play music. Us this a software issue?

Has anyone else noticed that since Facebook implemented video auto-play that if you are on wi-fi, have the FB app open, and are streaming over Airplay, that when the app encounters a video and plays,

Hellow! My iphone 4 can't play sound only in videos i film any advice?

Can someone explain why ringtones dont work for texts on iphones when they work on every other phone i have owned?

I have purchased couple ringtones from Itunes. Somehow I don't have it transferred to my itunes (maybe it's because I didn't update the latest version of itunes??). Then I have my new pc,

It's a naked new phone which I sent to china as a gift. It's been a month that chinese custum held it. They have a bad raputaiton about 'losing' stuff. I know the serial nu

My iphone 5s keeps changing my voicemail custom greeting back to the default greeting.

I have an iphone 4 and when it is called, the ringer works. When I send a Tweet, it tweets, emails notify and everything else, but my external speakers will not play music. The music plays when I plug

Today I got water on my speakers and now I can't hear music or talk on the phone

My iphone 5 with IOS 7.1 just freezes when I try to play my music. Every now and then Safari freezes.

Before the update my iphone audio worked great with my 2014 Nissan Versa Note. Now the phone doesnt send audio to the car speakers? what can I do?

Hi everybody, After reading different suggestions on this forum and trying possibilities for hours,I have still not found a solution to the following problem.  I have made a voice memo recor

Why when trying to schedule an event in Calendar on my iphone and IPad can I not select to repeat every "10 days" or set to alert me "4 or 5 hours" in advance of event instead of the presets? On my la

My iphone 4 doesnt play any sound when I'm playing a game or any app but when i play music it works fine. How do i fix this?

My 4s plays music perfectly, with an Apple 30 pin to lightning adapter my 5s does nothing other than charge.4s is iOs is 7.0.45s is iOs is 7.1

I just bought the 5cYoutube won't play in my car using my USB cable, I've tested in in multiple cars to rule out the stereo being at fault, it used to play fine up until recent updatesMy stere

I updated iOS 7.1 yesterday in my iphone-4s but couldn't find the iphone search screen and also missed the Airdrop and Air play from control center. So could you please help me to set up again tho

I updated to 7.1 on my iphone...first casualty music from my Bose daughters iphone not updated works!

How do I get ringtones

i was wondering if there is a way or app that can let me play and start a song or audio clip from the gallery or studio on the phone while making a phone call so that the other person could hear it wi

When will car play  work in India ?!

Hello all! Since installing the software update, I've had issues playing songs on my phone. I'll select a song and instead of playing it, it will cycle through the other songs by the same arti

my phone wont play the lock sound when i lock my phone and the volume is up all the way and the switch is up.

I don't have a computer right how do I get ringtones and songs I bought from iTunes also says I need to synch my phone with iTunes can I do these things without a computer?

iphone 4s is working for example can play,music recieve texts ,calls ect but has black screen and have tried the force shutdown method but still can see what im doing on the screen

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