how come i am getting my daughter texts on my Iphone

g-daughter 4s is not connecting to wi-fi -- have tried to reset network / restart device and as last resort tried restore to factory - still no wi-fi **other devices no issue connecting**

daughter texts Iphone

Ive just sold my iphone 4 after erasing it (erase all content and settings) , i never checked for texts and contacts etc, will these have been wiped off? i dont want someone reading through all m

with everyone elses contact it saves. but with this contact it saves but when someone texts me it just shows their number .. i need help asap

My iphone s has started to fail to make the selected sounds for phone calls and texts.  As a result I am missing about half my calls.   I have rebooted the phone but still experiencing

Greetings!Just spent three miserable hours wrestling with a back up problem. Yesterday I backed up my old iphone 3 and today, bought a new SIM for an unlocked iphone 5.  Did a restore and it copi

How do I reset on itunes if the error message tells me to turn off the "find my iphone" feature in settings.  I cannot get there to do so.  She has an icloud backup already and I would like

Help my i phone has stopped ringing and my texts do not alert me, even though the alert sounds are on and everything is on!!!!!

I only know this because they accidentally called me back after i tried calling her phone, by swiping the missed call (it is password locked, so they cannot just make phone calls, and all I heard was

Why won't my texts send after uploading latest software? How do I fix this?

Hi.  I cannot get the sound to work on my iphone 4S for texting or if I want to listen to music.  It works for calls but not for text notifications.  I tried to do each one individually

i have recently switched from an iphone to and HTC phone and i am not getting my texts from iphone users.

Hi  can I save data from an app onto my iphone ? Is that even possible? My daughter made some cute little movies with a princess movie app and I would love to keep them? Thanks so much

What causes my iphone 5c to randomly quickly scroll thru various aps, quickly type gibberish messages in Facebook to friends & friends of friends, randomly call and Face time random contacts,

How can I fix this.  She has a brand new phone and I updated my phone yesterday.  FaceTime is the only way we can communicate.

My daughter's iphone 4S wi-fi function simply stopped working after 18 months of ownership. Apple Store employees acknowledged it was a product failure. "The antennas just quit working," they said

My brother and I share an iTunes account and his text messages show up on MY macbook. His texts don't show up on my phone though. how can i delete his number off my iMessage on my laptop?

hi i recently replaced my battery and now i cannot see whats on my screen but i can hear myself getting texts and emails please help me

Hey guys just a quick question im thinking of restoring  iphone 5s but i dont want to lose my texts is their away to back them up.

I'm having issues deleting texts from my iphone 4S.  When I try to delete them, it freezes my messages.  When I restart the phone, the texts that I attempted to delete, reappear.  I

I have a group chat that is 2 and half years old and I have never deleted any texts from.  How would I be able to go to the first message sent without clicking load earlier message. I did that fo

My iphone 4S is in recovery mode right now, and it is plugged into my laptop so I can restore it. What happens if i get texts during this time? Will they appear on my phone once it is restored? A

Is there a simple way to block texts or calls? Don't need anything fancy. Silent mode not an option. Want them to not reach me at all! Thank you

switched to galaxy 3 and cant' get texts from people that used to imessage me.  I have tried everything but swtiching my phone number.

Trying to figure out what plan makes the most sense.  We think we will use facetime instead of phone for talking since $1.29 per minute charge. But texting will be used extensively - (mine t

I have an iphone 5 and today randomly my phone made one persons thread of texts can I get them back?

So my apple iphone 4 cooked itself and wiped itself of anything useful, I was obviously pretty angry that my phone both hurt me and died so unceremoniously so I went and bought a Google nexus 5, now I

I have no memory on iCloud how do I delete texts from iCloud,

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