why am i getting my daughters texts on my iphone

What causes my iphone 5c to randomly quickly scroll thru various aps, quickly type gibberish messages in Facebook to friends & friends of friends, randomly call and Face time random contacts,

daughters texts iphone

I have not been able to use facetime on my iphone 5 and my daughtes ipod 5 since yesterday...does anyone know if there are any issues with apple?

My brother and I share an iTunes account and his text messages show up on MY macbook. His texts don't show up on my phone though. how can i delete his number off my iMessage on my laptop?

hi i recently replaced my battery and now i cannot see whats on my screen but i can hear myself getting texts and emails please help me

Hey guys just a quick question im thinking of restoring  iphone 5s but i dont want to lose my texts is their away to back them up.

I'm having issues deleting texts from my iphone 4S.  When I try to delete them, it freezes my messages.  When I restart the phone, the texts that I attempted to delete, reappear.  I

I have a group chat that is 2 and half years old and I have never deleted any texts from.  How would I be able to go to the first message sent without clicking load earlier message. I did that fo

My iphone 4S is in recovery mode right now, and it is plugged into my laptop so I can restore it. What happens if i get texts during this time? Will they appear on my phone once it is restored? A

Is there a simple way to block texts or calls? Don't need anything fancy. Silent mode not an option. Want them to not reach me at all! Thank you

switched to galaxy 3 and cant' get texts from people that used to imessage me.  I have tried everything but swtiching my phone number.

I have an iphone 5 and today randomly my phone made one persons thread of texts disappear...how can I get them back?

So my apple iphone 4 cooked itself and wiped itself of anything useful, I was obviously pretty angry that my phone both hurt me and died so unceremoniously so I went and bought a Google nexus 5, now I

I have no memory on iCloud how do I delete texts from iCloud,

Does anyone know how to troubleshoot an iphone 4S not sounding when texts are received?  All other sounds work…just not texts being received.

Do you know how to get messages from friends with iphones to come thru to my galaxy s 4.I used to have an iphone and every since I got it, i dont get messages from friends that have iphones

Anyone know how to get the internet back up after  dropping the phone onto a hard surface? The phone and text works but when I try to use chrome, it bounces back to the home screen.

I Have T-Mobile And This Just Started Yesterday At 2 p.m Of Cali Time..

Hi, I need to back up the texts on my iphone 5 so I can send it for repair and restore them when it is returned. How is this done? Thanks!

I dropped my phone and now my screen is black, my phone still revive incoming calls and texts 

Hello,I have an iphone 5s and cannot delete any text messages.  I know it is not a problem with the phone because I had the same problem with my iphone 4.  This all started when I upgraded t

iphone 4s is working for example can play,music recieve texts ,calls ect but has black screen and have tried the force shutdown method but still can see what im doing on the screen

Looking for advice, my daughters iphone 4 doesnt find any wifi networks anywhere unless right next to the wifi source e.g router.Anyine got any fix or know how to resolve the problem or whether this i

Only at home I cannot get service if I leave the house the 4g comes up with the AT&T .... started two weeks ago ! AT&T cannot figure this out !

Hi Apple I've a iphone 4S problem I am haven is it's got no network but is showing carrier name 02-uk 3G internet works 100% were the signal is it should be 5 black dots there just clear I'

I have an iphone 5s that all of a sudden went from working fine to not being able to send texts or use mobile data. I have tried restarting the phone and reseting the network settings but to no avail.

So I've had this problem for about a week. My phone can receive iMessages and send them and Internet works just fine yet I can't send or receive SMS text messages and calling doesn't work.

The Apple icon shows up for a second and goes away. If I try to charge it, the screen flashes and has some discoloration to the logo and background. It will flash but not start. I can't get it to

hi my name is cheyanne and i was wondering if you can check the text messages on an iphone 5C without the users information??? Am i able to do that or?

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