delete documents and data on iphone ios 7

If you want to delete songs from iphone completely, you must try iphone data Eraser because it can help iphone operates efficient and protect privacy .The steps are very easy.
Step 1.Install iPho

delete documents data iphone ios 7

the justin timberlake videos from the free downloads at christmas cannot be removed with swipe and delete method on my iphone 5. Is there any way to get this content on my phone?

I am at my wits end.  I have the Medicare express plus app and I have had to recreate a new myGov account and link the app back up with the new myGov.  However, because I had an old myGov ac

restored my new iphone 5 from my ex`s old back up on my itunes. I cant reset as need a code to do this. what can i do?

I locked my iphone 5s and restored it but it won't fully restore until I enter my email but when I enter my email it says " cannot be used to unlock this iphone"...What would

What is the best data manager, which will show which app is using cellular data. My AT&T is showing "internet/mobile data" usage every 3 hrs. on the DOT; AT&T is not able to help, other then s

how do i delete 8 local disk on my iphone 5? its taking up all my memory

i bought 2 songs on iTunes on my pc, and i had them synced onto my phone, i found different versions of the 2 songs that i like better so i bought them and deleted the original off of itunes. i synced

my iphone 5s is using excessive data, how can i fix this?

Hi everyone I have a problem with syncing a game called Clash of Clans to Game center. My brother was playing a clash of clans game on my iphone and got considerably far, but I was signed in

No matter how much is deleted the phone only has 400 Megabites marked as available. I have deleted over two gb of photos and roughly 1gb of apps and no more space has become available

Updated my software to 7.1.1 but have no access to mobile data since, how can i get my mobile data working again?Thank You

i want to sell my iphone i wonder can erased data be recoverd after full restoring factory setting  and after clearing iphone contenent from the setting? i've been googling this issue some p

Hi. My problem is a bit complex, I would say. I have just bought a new iphone and sold my old iphone. When I was about to delete and reset all the stuff on my old, i couldn't because i couldn'

I travel extensively and spend extended periods of time overseas.  When will a dual sim capability be added to iphone 5/5S?  I end up needing a local number so locally my clients don't h

There are many methods to delete Photos from your iphone the posted linked below contains the most methods to do that

Hello, I've been reading some threads on the "Other" storage problem that people are having with their iOS devices. I have an iphone 5 with 16Gb of space and I could get the "Other" storage d

Hi,      So I wasn't able to find a definitive answer for this. I bought a use iphone 5. The former owner didn't remove the device from their iCloud, so it was still on the

I've been trying to delete an app and every time I tap on it the X doesn't appear so I can't delete them I can only move them around. Any suggestions?

Every time I open my app (Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff) it'll open for about 5 seconds then bring me back to my home page. I've tried everything, restarted my phone 50 times. I've had t

So my iphone constantly seems to be loading/transferring data. (The little wheel in the top left hand corner of the screen is always spinning). I can't work out why and I'm pretty sure it is c

How can i delete my ap history download from the app icon

My messages icon keeps telling me i have unread texts and increases in number as I recieve more, but I have already opened them and when I tried deleting them, closing the app, and deleting them indiv

Will my qife lose all of her apps, texts and emails by installing the most recent ios?

How can I delete App's from an iphone 4, with the last up-grade iOS 7.. Can any body help me, please?!

my voicemail is full and I need to delete messages.  I have selected messages and deleted and tried to clear all but the mailbox stays full

In settings, what apps should be "turned on" for celluar data usage?

Earlier today I decided to have a new wallpaper onto my phone, unfortunately I didn't like how it looked so I decided to delete them. The problem began when I tried to delete them and I found out

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