downloaded ios7 and now iphone wont connect to itunes and imessage wont work

unfortunately i cant connect to apps store itunes and cant download and updates after updating OS TO 7.1.1 problem started..  PLEASE HELP..... I CANT USE MY iphone 5

downloaded ios7 iphone connect itunes imessage work

My phone asks to update iOS 7.1.1 I went out and updated as requested and suddenly my phone off and is asking to connect to itunes what do I do? connected with itunes but there asks for nothing

When I am playing games it sometimes doesn't register my touches.  It is one week old.

Hi. I tried to charge my iphone 4 today however it didn't appear to be charging. I tried different cables, chargers, computers, turning the phone on and off - including holding the home button and

Please help.  My iphone 4S is stuck in recovery mode.  I clicked on the wifi update last evening, and it was interrupted and my screen was replaced with the usb plug and itunes logo. I am de

i have recently tried to update my iphone 5c and it says i need to connect my phone to itunes to finish the update but i am unable to do so. i cant use my phone until i 1) get a new cable so i can con

My iphone is a 5s and it is dead. Yesterday it was working fine but today i woke up to my dead iphone so i just decided to plug it it. the battery bar didnt appear so it wasnt charging. Ive tried ever

I'm getting a message that I don't have enough available storage to upgrade to iOS 7.x from version 6.x.  It's not my music, it's the amount of apps I have.  If I remove ever

Just I change my itunes Store id but I can't updates my apps because when I update they showing old id when I put password showing wrong passaword I am putting new password they showing same , ple

I bought my phone used already but there was nothing wrong with it when i activated it. Ever since i did that last IOS update it keeps gliching and it goes all crazy at time and i have to lock the scr

Please help my phone wont let me type in my password and when connected to itunes it wont let me type my password in still

my iphone 5 is showing 3 bars network signal but i cant call or text or recieve either any ideas?

Hello all I am on iphone 5 here and Mac 10.58 the itunes is out of date for my 10.5.8 and the symbo of the I tunes is on my phone it wont go off I reset phone same thing Please help thanks

About a week ago my iphone just stopped being recognised in My Computer. Before this it was fine, it would recognise and I could move ohotos from my phone to an external hardrive. All of a sudden its

There are many icons inside the new weather app in iphone update ios7 which are difficult to understand. Can you confirm our best guess that the weather for Wednesday and Thursday will be windy? Hope

Hello peeps!I am kind of in an urgent situation - I've got some files in my iphone that need to be immediately transferred to my laptop for processing, but I encountered this irritating issue midw

Phone 5S won't download apps.  My husband and I both got the 5s tonight and neither will download apps. Just says cannot download at this time.  Ans Siri won't work.  We are con

Hey can I get the range of smile icons to work in Text messages

I am trying to connect my Wii to my Hotspot using Netflix.  It sees me but when i put in my PW i get an error code about my PW.  It is correct but i still cant connet.  Is this possible

There appears to be a tiny crack and I'm thinking thats what it could be. Please help!!

my iphone 5s keeps freezing up, so that I have to power it off to get it to work! Any thoughts as to why??

I have switched from the iphone to android and I can not get text from people with an iphone

Please any suggestion helps.

So about a month ago, I dropped my iphone 5C in a hot tub. I pulled it out immediately. (It was in the water for maybe two seconds) It was still playing my music and it seemed like everything still wo

i buy already new laptop (ex one is completely out of order). all programs and instruments are downloaded to the new laptop related apple software such as itunes, icloud and etc... but, i don' t h

I have an iphone 4S device and every time I plug it into my computer, I have to manually open my itunes up. Once my itunes has loaded and is up and running though, I still cannot view my iphone in dev

unable to connect to carrier

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