how to fix echo in iphone

I have an annoying echo at the recipients end on my iphone 5C. Have tried with and without phone cases and problem persists. I notice heaps of discussions regarding this problem. Apple come up with an

fix echo iphone

I have an echo when people call me on my I phone 4s

I am on my second replacement. People can't stand to talk on my phone to me because it echoes so bad.

i have a iphone 5 and some problem by the Buttom-Microphone, i think,when i am durig a call my partner can't hear me and i hear only a echo from myself.Also i can't make a voice memo?What can

When using my hands free earpiece I can hear clearly but the person to whom I am talking experiences a significant echo. Is there a fix?

Has anyone found an answer to the echo problem on the 1 phone 4s ?. I dont get any issues on my end but the receiver gets a really bad echo their end. I have found that taping up the noise suppression

After upgrading iphone 5 to iOS 7.0.2 I get a major echo on calls that I did not get with iOS 7.0.  How do I get rid of this echo? Verizon is my carrier.

Hi Everyone, while I am on a call I hear the other side person but also I hear my own voice slightly sometimes. I can hear what I said a few second later as an echo. Do you have experienced a problem

Hi all - I have had lots of negative feedback on the quality of my iphone 4s calls with lots of echo on the other end - I have made sure there is nothing blocking the speaker and updated software as p

Please help me:( iphone 5) I sometimes hear my own voice slightly while during a call. Do you have a problem like this? I am using iphone 5 for 5 mounths but last 2 mounths I hear my own voice echo du

My new iphone 5 is echoing back everything I say in a loud and distorted manner.  What is the cause, and is there a fix forthcoming?

Good afternoon, all. When speaking on my iphone 5, perhaps 75% of the time, the party I'm speaking with cannot hear me and says all they hear is a terrible echo of themselves. Occasionally I,

Hello all. My iphone 4 echoes my voice whenever I speak on the phone, from when I pick up the phone call until the end of the phone call. It does this both in and out of the case. It's louder than

Has anyone else had this problem.  AT&T is my carrier.  The AT&T help desk suggested resetting my phone.  Very upsetting as I have quite a bit of information etc. on the phone.

Lately I've been getting an echo on my phone. This is with incoming calls only. The echo is my voice and I can hear it quite well. Fido thinks it is the phone or possibly the Sim card. Any ideas?

Hello,I've just bought a iphone 4s ,but i hear an echo during calls ,i already take some steps to make it better suchs as sleep/home -botton,this doesn't work,the problems stays, is it a softw

I am experiencing a sound distortion when listening to my Music app. It sounds like a reverberation on a small band of frequencies, towards the lowere end, almost echo like, giving a garbled backgroun

Does anyone else get this? its really annoying! Need it fixed asap! anyone know how?

We need to get them to fix this or my phone is going back to apple.

Im an user of brand new iphone 4(4 days aged) and sometimes while calling I can hear myself through the speaker. I have seen few topics about that here but without responses. Is that issue

I can hear echo...every time I make a call. I have reset the phone, but it still there.
Mac Mac OS X (10.0.x)

Anyone has a problem when someone calls u and u ans and u only hear ur on voice/echo. And there is no voice coming frm the other party.*
But when I called back and asked the other party if he/she

Bought the new iphone with Verizon. When I plug a hardwired earpiece into the phone.... The CALLER on the other end of the phone gets a fairly dramatic echo. This goes away when the hardwired earpiec

I just purchased a new Hyundai Sonata that has Bluetooth built in. I had no problem pairing my iphone 4 with it. The problem I have is that when I call someone, they complain about hearing an echo of

My iphone 4 plays all of my podcasts with an echo. This also happened on my previous iphone 3G. However, the same podcast stored on my MacBook play just fine. Before I got my iphone 4 I tried resetti

Since downloading 4.0.1 on my 3GS Ive had lots of weird things happen, but one is a double or echo on music and podcasts. This doesnt happen with live streaming or sound coming off the internet. Ive

Every time I call someone, they say that they echo. Every single time, and they all use different phones. I have a brand new iphone 4, and Im not sure if there is a way to fix this.

Everytime I talk to another iphone user I hear myself. Sometimes they complain of the same thing. How can I fix this problem?

Not sure if this is an iphone issue or ATT or something larger, but its been getting worse by the day, it seems: almost every other call now appears to be dropping one of the lines, the only solution

Ive got a problem where when Im talking to someone using these ear phones, the other person echoes to themselves at random times. For instance, when they talk, they hear themself and it aggravates th