grey lines in iphone

AFTER UPGRADE iphone 4S TO 7.1 , WIFI GOR grey OUT pls help me to sort out this issue

I have just noticed a largeish, grey translucent spot has appeared on the camera of my iphone 5s and it appears in all of the photos. I have tried cleaning the lens with a soft cloth and restarting my

white screen with multi colored lines on i phone

my 4s will not allow me to connect the wifi  it does not allow me to slide the option button. it was working fine yesterday

When i take a photo the images have grey circles appear, and also a red mark. I can zoom and turn photos and the marking move with what i'm doing so it isn't the screen. I have checked the cam

Phone fell out of pocket today and now the display screen is white.  Turned it off to see if it would reset, no luck.  Tried to the 2 button reset and screen turned grey.  Screen not cr

i was on facetime with my friend and then i got a Snaochat; i went to the snapchat screen, opened the Snapchats, and then tried to go back to the facetime screen. my phone screen turned white then bla

My phone is responsive, it rings and vibrates when I get notifications, but I can't see anything on the screen besides the lines. I could replace the screen, but is it a deeper problem beyond just

Hey everyone! So, I have recently dropped my iphone 4S and now there are all these blue vertical lines across the screen, which occasionally change colour also. I am still able to receive me

I have an iphone 4S new (from December), the WiFi button doesn't work (it's grey). I live in Argentina and there are no stores here, I don't know how to solve this. My father travels to Ne

Hi. My iphone 5 starts rebooting sometimes with strange lines. it can reboot for every action. And i have logs and they said that it's kernel panic.What should i do? Can i fix that?

Hi I have recently noticed that my camera has trouble taking closer focus pictures. I get dark and light bars moving across the preview image on the screen, similar to if you were trying to

I recently dropped my phone and it cracked. When i went to go look to check my phone I saw that the screen was white and there are some colored lines. I think it is the LCD screen, but is the LCD scre

What is problem with my iphone 5?

What do I do for these lines to go away on my phone?

My screen went to vertical gray lines. I can not access my data, make a call or ansewr a call text or email.

My iphone is black,blue and red and ive looked online and tried what seems like everything and i was wondering if sombody could tell me what to do?

I would be really grateful for some help in mending my 15 month old iphone 4S please! I had never had any problems with the phone until last week. It had been at around 80% battery and, on pickin

I cracked my iphone 5s and the screen is broken... im unable to use the phone at all because all i see is lines... how muh will it cost to have it repaired?

hello i have a lines in my i phone 5 screen/ i have not know ahat its mean my phone isnt fall or get any water in/ please  help me

My iphone 5 screen froze and i tried to restart it using the top and hem button and now the screen is just lines and wont change, how can i fix it?

My iphone 5 monitor has white lines on them, I can't touch the screen or swipe to other pages. I just can't do anything.I've tried restarting it by pressing the home and lock button, it do

Ive had my iphone 5 for nearly a year now and the biggest problem ive ever had was with the charger breaking every month but ive been able to deal with that. however i turned my phone back on the othe

i would like to share with you how i fixed my iphone 4s after ios 7.0.4 update and lose of wifi, bluetooth greyed out.  Ive resolved the grayed out wifi bluetooth issue, i just wanted to share th

Hi I dropped my iphone 4s, it went blank and had blue vertical lines. Itvwas still responssive to touches. I sent it for repair will my data be lost?

Hi, my I recently dropped my iphone 4s. It fell screen first and now there are faint horizontal lines running along text and the volume and brightness bars. Any help will be much appreciated.