grey lines in iphone

Models : iphone 4S
my wahttsapp app button has turned grey and no longer workes

grey lines iphone

my iphone 4s screen has been cracked for a while and i accidently dropped it again and the screen cracked further and now has blue and black lines running up and down it, however when i press the home

While texting my  screen when to straight color  lines across,and semed to lock in there.I had been having problems. with the phone shutting down.completely and when to verizon store they di

Hi Guys, my iphone 4 showing bad retina display and showing horizontal lines? What could be the problem???

I've tried a restart as well as a factory reset and I'm getting the same problem with my screen. This is my first i-phone and if this is the quality they're getting from China, then I'

Hi all, the display on my iphone suddenly started showing a series of white lines on all over the screen. They r more in the icon columns. I also can see a bold green line which is approximately 3mm o

When I do a reset via on/off and Home button the lines disappear and the LCD has large vertical lines.I try to reset my iphone 5C to the initial factory settings via iTunes. However the LCD touchscree

I dropped my phone last night, already with a little glass missing at the top. The screen is black with blue vertical lines, I cant even see my home screen I've tried holding the home and power bu

A black blot on the bottom most left corner of the screen of about 1.5 cm wide longitudinally and dim horizontal lines across the screen which has prevailed past four days, any display hardware probs.

My camera intermittently has pink lines over the screen which transmits into the photo.

I just started using my iphone 4s 3 days ago. Today in the morning the screeen just stopped working!!!!! I didnt drop it or anything, it just turned white and slowly dims out making vertical and horiz

i dropped my iphone 4 in water today. i quickly dried it off and tried to reboot it (holding the home and top buttons at the same time) but there were only vertical blue lines on the screen. i really

Have dropped my iphone 4s and now the screen is a grey colour covered in lines. Also will not receive calls or texts and not connected to Internet..Any suggestions on what is wrong?

My iphone 4s keeps crashing and then goes to a grey screen, and sometimes a blue screen. i tried restoring it and setting it up a a new iphone and it still does it

I was using my iphone while charging and after awhile, the device became hot and this vertical lines appear.I locked and unlocked my device and it becomes usable for awhile.The screen started shaking

I noticed yesterday that the app bar at the bottom of my home screen is grey, whatever I change my wallpaper to. How can I change the colour of this?

I have 4 white lines on the right side of my screen on my iphone 5s. Any suggestions? Jus this covered under the warranty?

My iphone 4S started getting hot a few weeks ago. Today I went to take a picture & the whole screen has mostly blue, black, & white vertical lines kind of going in a wave back & forth. Eve

iphone's screen has pink vertical lines. I reconfigured the iphone . No changeHow can I solve this problem.

And how do I get rid of them? Everything is responsive and functioning  as normal, they're just annoying. I'm not under warranty, so going to  the apple store is not an option...

My iphone 5s rear camera gets static and some times with purple lines..How to rectify this issue

Ive had white lines on my iphone screen for a while now and I dont know if its the LCD of the phone or what.

The screen of my iphone 4 has turned to lines and you can't see anything but the lines. You can use the phone by touching the screen in the right places.  Would like some advice on what to do

I cannot open the phone to get serial number. It is a 5s with a cracked screen and it has white and black lines through the screen.

I downloaded an app and it was working at first as it was processing my photos and my screen started to go fuzy then grey. What happened and what should i do?

Hi i have just noticed these lines on my screen for some reason, i dont know how they have happened the phone has never severely been dropped etc. The touch and everything else is working fine apart f

AFTER UPGRADE iphone 4S TO 7.1 , WIFI GOR grey OUT pls help me to sort out this issue

Not sure whats wrong. Any advice?