someone is hacking into my iphone what can I do

Dear Apple Staff,Thank you for give us this advantage to see and resolve our problem.My Problem is I have iphone 5. My phone is locked from your company because some one is hacking my icloud account .

hacking iphone

All of my contacts have been deleted and about 10 others appeared out of no where on my phone. This new onew were in Russian and had strange numbers. Ever since I cannot retrieve my contacts from anyw

its also not possible to hack someones iphone unless it is jailbroken. so unless you jailbroke your iphone its not hacked.

Hi there looking for help. Received an email for my son in law with a link. I stupidly opened it. My daughter has put the fear of death in me as she says the people who sent this email will now have a

If my iphone has been hacked, does the hacking software get backed up in icloud?

Getting emails from apple that someone is using my apple account to download games onto my phone. The games do appear on my phone too. Ive changed my password twice and it's still happening. Is an

My ex told me he hacked my iphone 4s and reads all my tx msgs. How do I protect myself and keep from him or anyone hackin my phone. Please help.

Hey, folks. Just thought I'd drop a quick note here as a quick tip (many of you will already know this).  I do a ton of file transferring back and forth, and I don't want to jailbrea

Sometimes at busy locations (Malls, etc) I get a phone call from an unknown caller. Have had the phone for 2 years now and seldom have received any calls out of the ordinary. One time, while at the m

My ex husband has somehow found a way to read my text messages, see my call lists and contacts all from a remote location. How is he doing this and how can I protect my privacy on my iphone?

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YouTube 5EYRArYjv-s /YouTube @ Marco Zurzolos...I unlocked his iphone: what a mess there was while I did it! :) Becio kept on filming us and laughing his eyes out!!

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