cant hear videos on iphone

i am using iphone 5 and still under contract with ATT services. the phone has suddenly some technical issue. when i call some one or some one calls me, if i i turn on th emusic anything that hass to d

hear videos iphone

The last 2 videos I took last night (I took 11 in total), show a gray circle icon on them instead of the normal camera icon. The running time on those 2 vidoes is not correct, sound is missing in part

When my phone is regular they can hear me but if it's on speaker they can't hear me. If I make a video when I play it back I can't hear it

My iphone 4 does not make any sound except when i have call. Any sound notification for example whatsapp or email or playing song i could not hear a pip, but when blug the earphone i could hear all so

I have had my I have had my iphone 5c for a little over a month and people can never hear me during calls, like I'm in a tunnel or muffled! I googled this issue and several others have had this pr

how do i get a video saved in videos off my iphone 5 anto my mac

hi i recently replaced my battery and now i cannot see whats on my screen but i can hear myself getting texts and emails please help me

Hellow! My iphone 4 can't play sound only in videos i film any advice?

my iphone 4s had a broken power button last night the screen went black but i know its still on cause i can hear siri when i hold down the home botton. how do i fix this with a broken power botton?

I've had my iphone 4s for 5 weeksYesterday wen making a call callers could not hear me,I could hear them? I've done all the obvious actions such as- *Turn phone off, on..*Ensure nothing is blo

Intemittently, people are telling me they can't hear me when I make/receive phone calls. I have to switch to speaker or earphones, and then they can hear me just fine. I have been to the Sprint re

  How can I restore lost videos from about 6 months ago that were sent to me via a message? I tried Itunes backup and it did not bring them back. Very important videos that were lost during an u

My iphone 5 microphone is very low whenever i make videos and the problem just started.

my shutter button doesn't work for pictures or video on my iphone 4s

About 2 weeks ago it became almost impossible to hear calls through my iphone 5s. I had not done the upgrade so I tried it and there were no changes. I restarted it, turned off the Bluetooth and no ch

I made a phone call and everything was fine.  The very next phone call I made the person couldn't hear me.  Every phone call after no one can hear me.

When talking on the phone i can barely hear people when they talk.This is also true with voicemail.Phone is just over a year old and has never been dropped.volume button is all the way up How do

3/27/14 Someone calls me and I cant hear them but they can hear me this is happing to my iphone 4s iphone 5 and iphone 5s i power off all devices and turn them back on and they still doing the same th

I've just noticed my new iphone 5s rattles when I shake it lightly, at first I wasn't sure what it was but it looks as if it may be the top power button rattling, is that normal?

When I am in a phone call I can't hear the person talking. Only if I have my headphones plugged in or have them on speaker. Apple just replaced my phone a month ago because my batter was faulty

My iphone 4S stopped making sounds and i didnt know why so i went on google to search it up and it showed some people had the same problem. Well one person said they took there phone to apple and the

The earpiece on my iphone 5s has suddenly stopped working, can anyone please help with this???

When I buy a video I don't want to watch it up an down I want to watch it side ways yall need to fix this because I just got an iphone and I'm starting not to like it already. Fix it NOW

i have a iphon 5 that i bought of of someone who had verizon.  phone had a cracked screen and i had it replaced. i switched over to my t-mobile plan.  the 1st 2 days it worked fine. now when

Why can't I hear the ring for an outgoing call but can when on speaker?

how to send photos, music and videos between iphones?

I’m wondering if anyone else is seeing this: I load a lot of music videos on my iphone. After a while iCloud icons begin to appear next to them, with the icons appearing randomly. Sometimes it&r

i was wondering if there is a way or app that can let me play and start a song or audio clip from the gallery or studio on the phone while making a phone call so that the other person could hear it wi

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